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Steeped in thousands of years of history, the draw of Europe and the MIddle East is as undeniable as it is timeless. Breathtaking architecture lends to Prague the air of a forgotten fairy tale, while Budapest’s no-nonsense bustle and Dickensian backstreets hold a charm all its own. The calm, easy pace of Italy, a slow enjoyment of life, is contagious, as is the exuberant joie de vivre that imbues the streets, the art, even the food of la belle France.

See all the best of Prague and Budapest in ten days, or instead spend those ten days on a journey through Jerusalem, a city of prayers and time-worn stones. If you’re planning a move abroad to Italy, take those ten days to scout the Italian countryside for the likely site of your new home.

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Currently available from the pages of our travel guides are neighborhood maps of Paris and helpful maps of Prague & Budapest as well as Istanbul & the Turkish Coast.

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Color map of Paris broken down into neighborhoods.

Paris travel maps by neighborhood.

Travel map of Prague, Czech Republic


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From the glistening waters of the Turkish Riviera to the cypress-lined hills of Tuscany to the scent of roasting chestnuts on a Parisian street corner and the sharp smell of Turkish coffee in a busy open-air market, experience the soul-stirring blend of the Old World and the new to be found in every corner of Europe and the Middle East.

A herd of sheep crossing the Ring Road in souther Iceland. Photo © Alexeys/Dreamstime.

Driving in Iceland

Having access to a car gives you the ultimate freedom in seeing Iceland on your own schedule. Use these tips on renting a car, respecting road conditions, and the rules of the road to make it a smooth ride.

Clothing is not cheap in Iceland. Photo © Alexeys/Dreamstime.

Packing for your Trip to Iceland

How you pack depends on where you plan to go and what you’re going to do on the island. If you’re going for a “city-break” long weekend to Reykjavík, you can afford to pack light; however, if you plan on an extended stay that includes camping, packing light is not an option. Here are some suggestions and tips for your time in Iceland.


Helpful French Phrases for Travelers

What many mistake for snootiness in Paris actually an ingrained social formality that, from an outsider’s perspective, can feel very old-fashioned. People still greet their neighbors cordially and hold doors for each other regardless of gender. If you want to make a good first impression and feel like a local tout de suite (immediately), commit these phrases to memory and employ them liberally.

Winter in Iceland. Photo © Jenna Gottlieb.

Weather and Climate in Iceland

Iceland isn’t as cold as you may think. The Gulf Steam works to moderate Iceland’s climate, but doesn’t mean calm, as it’s also responsible for the frequent weather changes. Weather here is not casual conversation, but serious business; it can change rapidly, from calm winds and sunny skies to rain, snow, sleet and back to calm wind and sunny skies, all in the same hour. It’s unpredictable, frustrating, exhilarating, and confusing for many tourists, but Icelanders have learned to adapt and go with the flow.