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Steeped in thousands of years of history, the draw of Europe and the MIddle East is as undeniable as it is timeless. Breathtaking architecture lends to Prague the air of a forgotten fairy tale, while Budapest’s no-nonsense bustle and Dickensian backstreets hold a charm all its own. The calm, easy pace of Italy, a slow enjoyment of life, is contagious, as is the exuberant joie de vivre that imbues the streets, the art, even the food of la belle France.

See all the best of Prague and Budapest in ten days, or instead spend those ten days on a journey through Jerusalem, a city of prayers and time-worn stones. If you’re planning a move abroad to Italy, take those ten days to scout the Italian countryside for the likely site of your new home.

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Cover of Moon Istanbul and the Turkish Coast Second Edition.

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Currently available from the pages of our travel guides are neighborhood maps of Paris and helpful maps of Prague & Budapest.

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Color map of Paris broken down into neighborhoods.

Paris travel maps by neighborhood.

Travel map of Prague, Czech Republic


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From the glistening waters of the Turkish Riviera to the cypress-lined hills of Tuscany to the scent of roasting chestnuts on a Parisian street corner and the sharp smell of Turkish coffee in a busy open-air market, experience the soul-stirring blend of the Old World and the new to be found in every corner of Europe and the Middle East.

The Milan Pride Parade.

Italy’s Gay and Lesbian Culture

All across Italy are visible and vibrant gay communities. Learn more about Italy’s gay and lesbian culture, including why travel magazines regularly rate Italy as the top destination for gay travelers.

In May 2013 it became legal for same-sex couples in France to not just marry, but adopt children together, too.

Gay and Lesbian Culture in Paris

Though the Assemblée Nationale didn’t vote to decriminalize homosexuality until 1982, the closet door has long swung wide open throughout Paris’s history—a tradition that is happily embraced today in legal rights, day-to-day life, and festivals.

Both renters and buyers will find good housing values in France, but owning a car is tres cher.

Living in Paris: Housing and Transportation Costs

Both renters and buyers will find good housing values in France, but it’s très cher (very expensive) to own a car in France, particularly in the big cities where forking out €50,000 for a permanent parking spot is not unheard of, plus maintenance, fuel, and insurance. Alternative transportation is a must.