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Both ancient and modern, Istanbul and the Turkish Coast is a destination meant not to be seen but to be deeply experienced. Istanbul itself is a city of contradictions, where fashion-forward lounge patrons rub elbows with conservatively-attired devouts on their way to prayer and cola is served alongside spiced kebabs. Outside the city, hot-air balloons float above the centuries-old cave dwellings and chapels of Cappadocia, hikers trek Lycian Way along the pine-clad mountains that jut into the Mediterranean, and sailors and beachgoers alike bask in the sun along the Turquoise Coast.

Immerse yourself in the best of Istanbul in five days including the serene, car-free Princes’ Islands. Take these nine essential tips for traveling in Turkey with you to smooth your way, and don’t be afraid to hop aboard a Turkish dolmuş to get around like a local.

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Currently available from the pages of our travel guides are free planning maps of Istanbul and the Turkish Coast. These maps cover all the major regional destinations of interest to travelers including the Aegean Coast and Cappadocia.

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Travel map of European and Asian Istanbul.

European and Asian Istanbul

Travel map of the Southern Aegean Coast.

The Southern Aegean Coast

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From the beautiful shores of the Aegean and the Turquoise Coast to the haunting ruins of Troy and Ephesus to the spectacular coexistence of new and old that infuses the land, experience the everlasting draw of Istanbul and the Turkish Coast.

Visiting Turkey may be an intense experience for Westerners traveling to Muslim country for the first time during Kurban Bayramı, the most revered Islamic religious festival of the year.

Traveling During Kurban Bayramı in Turkey

Buildings cluster along the hillside beyond a citrus orchard in Bodrum, Turkey.

Wild and Cultivated Plants in Turkey

You may be surprised to learn that tulips originate in Turkey, not in Holland. Anatolia is one of the world’s pantries, with plants that have been cultivated for human and animal sustenance since prehistory, and Turkey is one of the few countries in the world to be self-sustaining in food production and still make exports.

Statue of three figures outside Istanbul University.

Turkey Demographics: Peoples, Cultures, and Languages

The peoples of Turkey include dozens of ethnicities—all who hold citizenship are considered Turkish under the constitution—so is very rich and varied culturally. The official language is also Turkish, but many other languages are spoken and represented in the media.

Buildings cut from rock in Cappadocia.

Booking Accommodations in Turkey

Before booking accommodations in Turkey, make sure you fully understand the ratings system to avoid unhappy surprises when you arrive, as the star-class system used isn’t standardized. Turkish travel expert Leeane Murphy shares tips for finding the best rates, understanding what’s included in your booking, and other handy advice.