Mexico Travel Guide Helpful maps and articles about Baja, the Yucatán Peninsula, and more.


From golden beaches to charming colonial towns to impressive Maya ruins, the warmth and hospitality of Mexico awaits.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast

  • Restaurants in Puerto Los Cabos A styling restaurant with a mix of intimate tables and communal style long benches.This guide to restaurants in Puerto Los Cabos highlights contemporary and traditional Mexican cuisine for a range of budgets, and it also introduces visitors to the unique organic food experience found at Flora Farms.
  • Restaurants and Cafés in San José del Cabo’s Centro Historico Set in a courtyard, chairs and tables are painted in different vibrant colors.For many travelers, San José del Cabo has become a culinary destination. This guide to restaurants in Centro Historico covers traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine, plus other options that include American, Thai, and Italian.

Yucatán Peninsula

Central Mexico

Southern Mexico

  • Exploring Chiapas With Liza Prado & Gary Chandler Liza and Gary share their thoughts on the safety of the area, the best time to visit, their favorite Chiapanecan cuisine, and more.
  • Discover the Charm of Chiapas, Mexico Small buckets filled with fruit stacked pyramidally are sold by women in a busy market.Chiapas has gorgeous colonial cities, a prominent and highly independent indigenous population, and some of Mesoamerica’s most stunning ancient Maya ruins, including Palenque and Yaxchilán. Chiapas’s landscape ranges from scenic beaches to jagged peaks cloaked in cloud forest—and just about everything in between, even an active volcano.

Cancún beach panorama photo at top © Robert Pittman, licensed Creative Commons Attribution, No-Derivatives.