Los Cabos Travel Guide From luxury resorts to ecotourism, get help finding your Los Cabos paradise here.

Discover Los Cabos

Los Cabos travel used to mean one thing: an off-beat angler’s paradise. Los Cabos is so much more. It’s white-sand beaches, luxury resorts, thriving art districts, and a distinctive bajacaliforniano cuisine. It’s surfing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and mountain biking. It’s marine preserves, conservation and ecotourism. For the history buff, it’s even historical ghost towns and a chance to experience Baja California’s colonial past.

Los Cabos travel is far more than the sum of its parts. If the opportunity to land the big one isn’t your style, pack your sense of adventure, a willingness to explore, and discover your Los Cabos paradise.

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Planning Your Trip

If You Have…

A long weekend: Start with the plaza in downtown San José and enjoy the historic art district and lively nightlife. Go on to explore the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, snorkel around Pelican Rock, or simply enjoy the local beaches.

A week or more: Head north along the Gulf coast to explore remote beaches along the East Cape, or north along the Pacific coast to visit the artist colony of Todos Santos and the state capital of La Paz.

Los Cabos Trip Itineraries

A place for first-time Los Cabos visitors to get started, or for veterans to get back to the basics.

    When to Go to Los Cabos

    When and where for your activities of choice and crowd tolerance.

    Recreation in Los Cabos

    Fishing is always the big one, but there’s plenty more to lure you in.

    Nightlife in Los Cabos

    Relaxing evening entertainment or a night on the dance floor.

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