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Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide

Tailor your travel to surf towns & street food or beaches & boutiques.

Discover Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a destination as diverse as the many travellers who visit year after year. While Old Town retains much of its rustic charm–and remains the heart of Puerto Vallarta along with the lively Malecón running along the shoreline–a thriving, modern city has grown up around it. Posh discos, upscale designer boutiques, modern cinemas, and even a few small casinos rub shoulders with live street entertainment, food-cart delights, and the simple and timeless gathering about the evening shores to witness brilliant sunsets.

The greater Puerto Vallarta region boasts tranquil little coves alongside wild sea beaches, lush blue agave fields framed by craggy, volcanic mountains. From slumbering fishing hamlets and beaches so wild they can be reached only by sea to rich exclusive communities and vibrant surf towns, Puerto Vallarta travel offers an experience all its own. Plan a trip of your own and discover for yourself what so many of the region’s die-hard fans already know.

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Planning Your Trip

If You Have…

A long weekend: Stick to Puerto Vallarta proper and enjoy Old Town, the Malecón, and the local beaches. Snorkel at Los Arcos, pet a lion cub at the zoo, or go bird- and butterfly-watching at the botanical gardens.

A week: Stay close by, but check out the beach at Boca de Tomatlán, or grab a water taxi and visit Yelapa. Don’t skip the pie.

Puerto Vallarta Trip Itineraries

The best places to start for your Puerto Vallarta travel experience.

    Getting to Puerto Vallarta

    The practical nitty-gritty every traveler needs.

    Recreation in Puerto Vallarta

    Beaches, beaches, and more beaches.

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