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Nothing is done by half in Brazil. Embrace the unadulterated sensory hedonistic experience of Salvador’s Carnaval. Immerse yourself in the fundamental beach lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro. Discover a thriving film culture that involves as much drinking and dancing as movie watching.

Cruise the Amazon in fully-stocked decadence on luxurious riverboats or take the adventurous route by staking out a hammock on a wooden passenger ferry. No matter your passion, be prepared to do it with true Brazilian verve.

There are plenty of popular festivals to experience, as well as Brazil’s lesser-known cultural realms in food, art, and music. If open blacktop and a good bite to eat move you, follow author Michael Sommers’s savory road trip from Salvador to the Chapada Diamantina.

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From the pure love of celebration to the great sprawling Amazon wilds to hauntingly remote colonial towns, experience the powerful cultural heritage of Brazil. Here are our four most recent articles to get you started or you can browse all Brazil content.

Bumba-meu-boi. Photo © Secretaria de Cultura e Turismo de Santo Amaro-Ba (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Unique Festivals Throughout Brazil Part 2

Mascarados in Pirenópolis. Photo © Mauro Cruz (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Unique Festivals Throughout Brazil Part 1

While Carnaval is the most famous and well-known festival, there are many more throughout the year and throughout the country that are just as incredible to experience–some are even more spectacular than Carnaval. Whether a festa is religious or historical in nature, one thing you can count on is it’ll be a heck of a party.

Where to Travel in 2016 Moon Travel Guides

Where to Travel in 2016: A Month-by-Month List

Most of us at Moon have an ever-growing list of places we want to visit, a common side effect of working on travel books. This list reflects a few of the destinations that inspired our wanderlust in the last year. There are trip-of-a-lifetime–type destinations, and there are smaller destinations, but all of them triggered that classic reverie, imagining what it would be like to be there, feeling that pull.

Author Michael Sommers. Photo © Michael Sommers.

Moon Brazil 4th Edition and Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

When I was asked to contribute an article to accompany the recently launched 4th edition of Moon Brazil, my editor suggested an update of sorts to a piece I published four years ago upon the release of the 3rd edition. As I reread the former post, the refrain of Changes, David Bowie’s existential hit of 1971, popped up and began unspooling in my mind.