Pacific Northwest Travel Guide Helpful maps and articles about Oregon and Washington.

The Pacific Northwest

From coastal rainforest to outstanding wine trails to stunning alpine lakes, the Pacific Northwest will engage your senses.

Explore Oregon

  • Pacific Coast Highway Roadside Attractions The Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree in Leggett, CA. Photo © Lisa Robinson/Department of Creativity.One person’s tourist trap is another person’s must-see. With a good dose of kitsch and lots of fun, here are the PCH roadside attractions that will have you pulling over.
  • Undiscovered Beaches in Coastal Oregon Sunset on the beach at Hug Point. Photo © Lijuan Guo/123rf.With 360 miles of coastline, Oregon has lots of sandy waterfront. However, not all beaches are created equal. Here are some of our favorite, lesser-known beaches.
  • Driving Tips for a PCH Road Trip Warning signs are posted in areas where wildlife are likely to block the road. Photo © Harris Shiffman/123rf.Before you gas up the car and go, make sure you’re prepared for the challenges of the Pacific Coast Highway! The highway has many sharp curves, steep ledges, and high cliffs without guardrails; long, isolated stretches of blacktop; low visibility at night; wildlife encounters; and the chance for inclement weather any time of year. Slow ...

Explore Washington

  • Scenic Highway 101 in Washington State A two-lane road along Washington's Olympic Peninsula.On Scenic Highway 101 along the state of Washington pacific coast, you can explore massive old-growth forests, rich river valleys, and an abundant coastline. Here are tips on planning your trip, including general directions, packing the car, the best places to overnight, and road safety.
  • PCH Road Trip: Washington in 4 Days View from the water of Seattle's busy waterfront.This four-day itinerary starts in Seattle for two days of sightseeing. Then it’s off to the harbor town of Port Angeles for a day before heading southwest through wooded lowlands and beaches to Lake Quinault for more hiking and a relaxing evening.
  • One-Week Itinerary: Best of the Olympic Peninsula Neah Bay. Photo © Tim Gohrke/123rf.One of the best parts about the Olympic Peninsula is that you don’t need to stray far from its main thoroughfare, Highway 101, to experience a good number of area highlights. Highway 101 travels around the perimeter of the peninsula and Olympic National Park, making it possible to see the best the area has to ...