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Ecotourism in Brazil

  • Cruise the Amazon on a Riverboat Trip Single, double, and triple-decked riverboats wait at port while the soft peach of sunrise glistens on the water.An alternative to staying put in a jungle lodge is to choose a riverboat as your headquarters, which will allow you to cover far more territory. Michael Sommers shares the various options for cruising the Amazon, from luxury ships with plasma TVs and champagne to local boats that are geared more for transport than tourism.
  • From Manaus into the Amazon Rain Forest A two-level river boat with a smaller boat alongside floats on glassy river water at the verdant shore.From Manaus, you can get a taste of the rain forest with day trips, but a longer tour or excursion is better if you want to get away from civilization, experience “virgin” forest, and see some wildlife.
  • Poconé and Porto Jofre: The Rodovia Transpantaneira Hanging over a packed dirt road, a wooden sign in english and portguese which reads Transpantaneira and welcomes visitors.The Pantanal itself begins as you continue south from Poconé along the Rodovia Transpantaneira. Watering holes along the rodovia attract a wealth of wildlife, making the journey into a fantastic safari.

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Other Ecotourism and Volunteering Articles

  • Tárcoles, Costa Rica: Crocodile Safaris, Birding Tours, and More View of the upper torso of a crocodile with its mouth open.Tárcoles offers many recreation options and wildlife viewing opportunities. Take a zipline tour of the jungle canopy, enjoy a thrilling crocodile safari in the estuary, or keep an eye out for the more than 400 species of birds that inhabit the area. In addition to sharing tour information, author Christopher P. Baker recommends where to ...
  • Manatee-Watching in Fort Myers The beautiful and endangered West Indian manatee at a sanctuary in Florida.Spend a little time on the Orange and Caloosahatchee Rivers, and chances are you’ll see a West Indian manatee. Here’s where to go to learn more about manatees and hopefully spot one of these wonderful creatures.
  • Boating, Sailing & Fishing Off Ambergris Caye Photo of Ambergris Caye, with palm trees along the shore and a distant dock.Explore the Caribbean the way it was meant to be traveled: by sea. Here are the top boat tours and operators for those seeking to fish, snorkel, dive, or simply enjoy being out on the ocean.
  • Volunteer Opportunities and NGOs in Ollantaytambo Mountains rise up around the small town of Ollantaytambo.Want a different sort of vacation? Learn more about several NGOs in Ollantaytambo that are worth contacting if you’re looking for volunteer and homestay opportunities.
  • Sea Turtles of the Yucatán A sea turtle floats underwater near some rocks.Four sea turtle species nest on the shores of the Yucatán Peninsula. Learn about volunteering and about changing attitudes toward protection and preservation in the area.
  • Three Volunteer Opportunities in Todos Santos A photo taken from above of a green sea turtle swimming in shallow water filled with rocks.Those traveling with some extra time and/or the desire to integrate themselves into the Todos Santos community might consider volunteering with one of the well-organized nonprofits in the area. Here are three great options if you’re looking to volunteer.
  • Belize’s Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary At the edge of the lagoon, a stork runs with its wings prepared to take flight.A 33-mile drive from Belize City, or a little over an hour by bus, the island village and wildlife sanctuary of Crooked Tree are primary destinations for serious bird-watchers. Lily Girma provides an overview of Crooked Tree, including information on hiking, lagoons, and the annual cashew festival.
  • From Bus to Horseback to ATV, Take a Guided Land Tour of Aruba Two horses are hitched to a post with rolling hills in the distance.Aruba has a wealth of both large and small tours, allowing visitors to tour exactly as they please, whether that’s on horseback, on an off-road vehicle, or in the comfort of an air-conditioned coach.
  • Take a Guided Tour of Savannah, Georgia Carriage horses in harnesses and blinders drink from tubs as they await riders.Savannah’s tourist boom has resulted in a similar explosion of more than 50 separate tour services, ranging from guided trolley journeys to carriage rides to ecotourism adventures. Author Jim Morekis lists the most notable offerings to choose from when planning your trip.
  • Coming Full-Circle: How Volunteer Vacations Impacted My Life A woman stands with her young son on the porch of a simple house painted a lively teal.Good volunteer vacations give travelers the opportunity to insert themselves into the local reality and meet locals on their own terms. Moon author Amy E. Robertson shares her own personal experiences with volunteer vacations, from building homes in Honduras to monitoring political elections in Ecuador to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in the United States.

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