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Articles on Volunteering

  • Volunteer with Bridges to Community in Nicaragua A field of coffee plants in Nicaragua.With an emphasis on shared work and community empowerment, Bridges to Community makes long-term commitments to the communities where it works. Learn how volunteers can help, along with practical details such as how to apply, costs, and requirements.
  • Volunteer with Long Way Home in Guatemala Long Way Home's current primary project is the construction of an elementary and vocational school using rammed-earth tires and polypropylene bags, water harvesting, and trash-filled bottles.Long Way Home’s focus is the promotion of green and alternative building practices. Volunteer work is either physically demanding or educational in nature with children and youth. Learn more about organization and its work, along with practical costs, requirements, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Volunteer with Spanish in Bariloche, Argentina Bariloche is a pleasant, busy ski resort town in the foothills of the Andes in northern Patagonia.Spanish in Bariloche is a language school that works with several different organizations near the busy ski resort town, providing the opportunity to combine formal language lessons with volunteering. Learn about the volunteer work coordinated by the school, the benefits of its programs, along with the practical details and free time activities.
  • Volunteer with Spirit of the Andes, Bolivia Spirit of the Andes is a not-for-profit organization that supports indigenous women from neighborhoods in El Alto, La Paz, and Cochabamba.Spirit of the Andes is a not-for-profit organization that trains indigenous women from marginalized neighborhoods in El Alto, La Paz, and Cochabamba to knit high-quality products from Bolivian alpaca, llama, and cotton yarns.
  • Volunteer with Merazonia in Ecuador Volunteers will usually find monkeys, kinkajous, felines, other mammals, macaws, and parrots at Merazonia.Merazonia is a dynamic rescue and rehabilitation center for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals. Volunteers work with animals under strict guidelines and help maintain the grounds and enclosures. Learn more about the work, its requirements, and how to apply.
  • Volunteer with REMAR Bolivia View of the city of La Paz, Bolivia.REMAR Bolivia offers their services freely to anyone in need throughout the country. Learn about volunteer opportunities, costs, requirements, and more.
  • Volunteer with Fundación Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank Foundation) Map of Buenos Aires, Argentina and vicinityLocated just outside of Buenos Aires, Fundación Banco de Alimentos serves as a link between food-producing and food-marketing companies, and people with hunger across Greater Buenos Aires.
  • Volunteer with ERSLA in Nicaragua A firefighter in gear with an oxygen tank in Managua.Volunteers with Nicaragua’s ERSLA work primarily with community development. All are welcome regardless of their skills and language lessons are available.
  • Volunteer with Utila Iguana Conservation Project, Honduras The Utila Iguana Conservation Project operates the Iguana Station, located on the island of Utila.All you need to volunteer with Honduras’s Utila Iguana Conservation Project is a passion for nature. The work includes caring for the iguanas, butterflies, tarantulas, geckos, and other animals at the station, but it can also include teaching, public relations, gardening, maintenance, or ecological research, depending on your skills.
  • Volunteer with Endangered Wildlife Trust, Costa Rica The Pacuare Nature Reserve is 10.5 square kilometers of tropical rainforest on Costa Rica’s northern coast.Endangered Wildlife Trust is a British nonprofit that owns the Pacuare Nature Reserve, 10.5 square kilometers (2,600 acres) of tropical rainforest on Costa Rica’s northern coast, near Tortuguero.

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