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  • Las Guacamayas Biological Research Station Guatemala's Scarlet Macaw. Photo © Al Argueta.Las Guacamayas Biological Research Station sits amid verdant jungle on the shores of the Río San Pedro, a 20-minute boat ride from the village of Paso Caballos. It is one of the best places in Petén to combine wildlife-viewing and rainforest trekking while staying in relative comfort, offering easy access to the ruins of Waka’ ...
  • Alternative Tourism on La Isla de Ometepe Finca Bona Fide. Photo © Peter Abrahamsen, licensed Creative Commons usage.There are numerous opportunities to support everyday Nicaraguans with your tourism dollars on La Isla de Ometepe. From long-standing solidarity partnerships to sustainable agriculture work and research projects, Ometepe awaits those looking for something a little different.
  • Volunteering in Cambodia Photo © U.S. Navy Chief Mass Communication Specialist Greg Badger/Released, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.Following decades of conflict, Cambodia is still an extremely poor country. With a plethora of aid projects in the country, it’s difficult to know where to go and what to do. The organizations listed here are your best bet at making a positive and meaningful impact with your volunteer experience.
  • Off the Beaten Path: Ecoadventures in Costa Rica A sea turtle on the beach at the edge of a lapping wave.Looking to get environmentally involved on your next vacation? Escape the touristy crowds and experience the real Costa Rica that many visitors often miss. Author Christopher P. Baker suggests some fascinating places and experiences.
  • Volunteer with Constru Casa in Guatemala Constru Casa works with partners and individual families in a variety of support programs.Constru Casa seeks to provide basic, safe housing to families across Guatemala who live in extreme poverty. Volunteers and the home recipients work together under the supervision of a local mason to build a three-room, concrete and corrugated iron house in two weeks’ time. Cultural experiences and fun excursions are organized on the weekends.
  • Volunteer with Two Brothers Foundation in Rio de Janeiro Based in the favela of Rocinha, the mission of is to “promote education, community service and international exchange in low-income neighborhoods in Brazil.”Successful volunteers with Two Brothers Foundation are those with initiative and strong self-management skills. If you’re eager to propose programs or workshops in community development and education you’d like to initiate and be responsible for, TBF is a fantastic opportunity.
  • Volunteer with Grid Alternatives’ International Program in Nicaragua Grid Alternatives’ International Program is a nonprofit that works to install solar electric systems in rural communities across Nicaragua.Grid Alternatives’ International Program is a nonprofit voluntourism group that helps disadvantaged communities in Nicaragua install solar electric systems on community buildings such as schools, libraries, health clinics, and orphanages. Volunteers help with installation, training, and sometimes minding children for working community members.
  • Volunteer with Bridges to Community in Nicaragua A field of coffee plants in Nicaragua.With an emphasis on shared work and community empowerment, Bridges to Community makes long-term commitments to the communities where it works. Learn how volunteers can help, along with practical details such as how to apply, costs, and requirements.
  • Volunteer with Long Way Home in Guatemala Long Way Home's current primary project is the construction of an elementary and vocational school using rammed-earth tires and polypropylene bags, water harvesting, and trash-filled bottles.Long Way Home’s focus is the promotion of green and alternative building practices. Volunteer work is either physically demanding or educational in nature with children and youth. Learn more about organization and its work, along with practical costs, requirements, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Volunteer with Spanish in Bariloche, Argentina Bariloche is a pleasant, busy ski resort town in the foothills of the Andes in northern Patagonia.Spanish in Bariloche is a language school that works with several different organizations near the busy ski resort town, providing the opportunity to combine formal language lessons with volunteering. Learn about the volunteer work coordinated by the school, the benefits of its programs, along with the practical details and free time activities.

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