Green Gables Heritage Place reigns as the idyllic hub of a Montgomery sightseeing circuit. Photo © Andrew Hempstead.

Anne of Green Gables and the Literary History of Cavendish

Thanks to Lucy Maud Montgomery and a certain fictional character named Anne, Cavendish is Prince Edward Island’s most popular tourist destination. Learn about the town’s literary history, Montgomery’s life and work, and plan visits to the Green Gables Heritage Place and the Lucy Maud Montgomery Homestead.

Author Michael Sommers. Photo © Michael Sommers.

Moon Brazil 4th Edition and Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

When I was asked to contribute an article to accompany the recently launched 4th edition of Moon Brazil, my editor suggested an update of sorts to a piece I published four years ago upon the release of the 3rd edition. As I reread the former post, the refrain of Changes, David Bowie’s existential hit of 1971, popped up and began unspooling in my mind.

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Brazil’s Best and Write-est

There are changes taking place in Brazil’s robust literary scene. Brazilian writers under 40 are producing notable works, the best of which have been translated into English.