In a cobblestoned square surrounded by colorful colonial buildings, a group of dancers in red shirts and yellow ribboned skirts dance with their arms raised.

Festivals in Salvador, Brazil: Carnaval and More

Salvador has all the prerequisite ingredients for a good party: an idyllic climate, a powerful musical and cultural heritage, the mix of Catholic and Candomblé, and a population that loves to take to the streets and celebrate. The following are a sampling of the most important and unique festivals.

Cover of Moon Spotlight Salvador & Bahia, 2nd ed.

Moon Spotlight Salvador & Bahia

Moon Spotlight Salvador & Bahia is an 85-page compact guide to the best of Salvador and Bahia. Brazil resident and magazine correspondent Michael Sommers offers his firsthand advice on what sights are must-sees, and sightseeing highlights maps make planning your time easy. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on sights, entertainment, shopping, recreation, accommodations, […]

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Moon Brazil

In this full-color guide, journalist Michael Sommers leads travelers to the best that Brazil has to offer, from surfing, hang gliding, and enjoying the sizzling nightlife in Rio to venturing into the Amazon to witness the Meeting of the Waters, where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões join to form the world’s mightiest river: the […]

A row of red and yellow umbrellas dot a strip of sand along a palm-tree lined beach.

Réveillon in Imbassaí

In Brazil, it’s customary on New Year’s to get decked out in immaculate white and offer flowers to Iemanjá, Queen of the Seas. Resident Michael Sommers shares a fun, humor-filled experience of the end-of-the-year holiday.

View across the plateaus with cliffsides visible rising up out of verdant green slopes.

Exploring the Chapada Diamantina Region of Brazil

If you want to check out a stunning piece of natural beauty, look no further than the Chapada Diamantina, otherwise known as the Diamond Plateau, in the jungles of Brazil. Author Michael Sommers guides us through this South American destination with loads of travel tips and suggestions.

Balcony view down to a narrow beach butting up against a long coastal road.

What to See in Salvador’s Barra Neighborhood

At the end of Corredor de Vitória—bracketed by a McDonald’s on one side and the gleaming white Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Vitória—the descent from Avenida Sete de Setembro begins a steep plunge toward the lively middle-class neighborhood and beach of Barra.

View of pedestrians walking along the waterfront as buildings stack up against a terraced hillside and boats cluster in the water.

Sights in Salvador’s Cidade Baixa

Despite that the Cidade Baixa, Salvador’s port and commercial district, has seen better days, there are still a few worthwhile sights that make it worth visiting for adventuresome travelers.

Colonial buildings, many of them white with terra cotta roofs, cluster on either side of a narrow blue river.

The Reconcâvo: Santo Amaro and Cachoeira

Named after the concave-shaped Bay of All Saints, the Reconcâvo refers to the former sugarcane region surrounding Salvador. Learn where to go and what to see in the colonial cities of Santo Amaro and Cachoeira.


Alternative Transportation Rules in Bahia

One of the largest states in Brazil, Bahia is about the size of France. Although there are no high-speed TGV trains to whisk one around, a surprisingly diverse array of transportation options is available. As author Michael Sommers and his sister were constantly on the move, working their way up and down the coast , with the exception of airplanes, they sampled them all.

View of a wide sandy beach leading up to a cluster of palm trees.

Visiting Arembepe in Bahia, Brazil

Arembepe was a hippie haven in the 1960s and much of that tropical Woodstock experience remains. With a nice unpretentious vibe to the place, Arembepe makes for a great day trip from Salvador or a stopover on the way up the coast.