Moon Dominican Republic

Holding dual Dominican and U.S. citizenship, Ana Chavier Caamaño offers her best insider’s tips along with a tourist perspective in Moon Dominican Republic. Caamaño covers the best of the Dominican Republic, including coverage of Cabarete, Las Galeras, Sosua, the Taino ruins, and Santo Domingo. Caamaño also offers intriguing sidebars about Dominicanisms, cockfights, the curse of […]

Historical Dominican Road Trip

A visitor could easily spend a week exploring just Taíno sites with some traditional beach fun along the way, but there is more to the history of the Dominican Republic than just the Taíno era. It encompasses Trujillo, Columbus, and many other influential moments. This itinerary is designed for travel with a rental car and can easily be tailored to fit your personal financial and scheduling needs.