Visiting the Island of Utila

Snorkeling with whale sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience—and the reason many choose Utila over any other Caribbean island. Plan a trip to this popular budget destination with this helpful guide.

Plan a Trip to the Azuero Peninsula

The Azuero Peninsula feels isolated from modern Panama, frozen in an idyllic past, and there’s lots of charm and natural beauty left. Learn more about Panama’s heartland and its history.

Carnaval and Other Popular Festivals in Salvador, Brazil

Salvador has all the prerequisite ingredients for a good party: an idyllic climate, a powerful musical and cultural heritage, the mix of Catholic and Candomblé, and a population that loves to take to the streets and celebrate. The following are a sampling of the most important and unique festivals.

Rio’s Carnaval Goes Full Tilt

For those who missed this year’s Carnaval in Rio or who just plain miss Rio, the 5-minute film, “The City of Samba,” will either kill your longings or inflame your Rio yearnings all the more.

Popcorn Experience

I just returned from Escaping Carnaval in Salvador. Together, with a group of friends – all of them Bahians; none of them up to dealing with 6 days and 7 nights of body-crushing, ear-blasting, eye-popping, sweat/urine/perfume/beer-scented hedonism that characterizes the longest and biggest street party on the planet – I hightailed it out of town […]