The Brazilian flag on a white background.

Reliving Tropicalismo – On and Off Screen

Channeling counterculture and rock n’roll, an eclectic and charismatic collective of artists galvanized fans and critics throughout the country with their shows, albums, performances, and happenings that came to be known collectively as Tropicalismo.

Documentary to Reveal Underwater Maya City

There is never a dull moment in the world of Maya studies, and documentary filmmakers have been there for some of the most exciting moments. This year, look for the release of “Mayan Blue,” a feature-length documentary film by Standoff Studios about the discovery of a city 50 feet below the surface of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

2012, The Beginning Film Trailer

The trailer for 2012, The Beginning includes various Maya and Central American voices in addition to the normal line-up of knowledgeable Western researchers and archaeologists. Is there something special about the year 2012? Is it a time of change?

A mural with simplistic figures being brutalized by soldiers.

Indie Film Trailer for GRANITO about Recent Maya History in Guatemala

One cannot visit or explore Guatemala without acknowledging its recent history, specifically the attempted genocide of the Maya people, perpetrated by the government and military. Now, in a new interactive media project and film called GRANITO: Every Memory Matters, director Pamela Yates is connecting that recent past with the present.

The Brazilian flag on a white background.

Black in Brazil

A few months ago, I was over at my friend Myra’s house, when she mentioned that she was going to be interviewed by Henry Louis Gates, the eminent Harvard intellectual and professor of black culture for a documentary about the black diaspora in the Americas. Myra is an author and professor of Bahian history at […]

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Waste Land: Turning Garbage into Gold

Michael Sommers went to see Waste Land, a fascinating documentary (about Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and his use of favela garbage) that won the World Cinema Audience Award at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.