Transpantaneira dirt road and sign

Eyes Peeled on the Transpantaneira

In 1972, the Brazilian military government began concretizing its ambitious if foolhardy idea of building a highway that would cut right through the Brazilian Pantanal. The highway known as the Transpantaneira never got very far, but what it lacks in terms of people, it more than makes up for in terms of wildlife.

Fancy, luxury hotel with pool

The Lap of Luxury in Brazil

What constitutes the “concept” of luxury these days – in general, and in Brazil? A question Michael asked himself when he landed what many people (including me) would consider to be a dream gig – reviewing luxury hotels in Brazil.

Photo © Michael Sommers.

Favela Rising in Brazil

For now, at least, favelas are an integral part of urban Brazilian life. Whether or not you decide to “tour” one is a personal decision, but you’ll inevitably come into contact with them – even if you’re only driving by.

Man stands in front of movie poster

Brazilians Shun Film in Favor of the Real Lula

On paper, Lula’s life story has all the elements of a great, inspiring epic film not to mention a thoroughly engrossing melodrama and director Fábio Barreto milks the hagiographic and tear-jerking elements for all they’re worth.