Near the end of Lawa‘i Road is the south side’s claim to fame, the explosive Spouting Horn.

Sightseeing in Po‘ipu, Kaua‘i

Sightseeing in Po‘ipu, Kaua‘i is wonderfully varied, including wonders of nature such as Spouting Horn and incredible sunset viewpoints, as well as a historically informative trail to explore for a good dose of culture and activity.

Pu'ukohola Heiau was the last large heiau built before the dissolution of the Hawaiian religious system.

Hawai‘i’s Best Historical and Cultural Sites

To truly experience Hawai‘i, you need to understand its people and place in the modern world. Hawai‘i’s relatively short history has been tumultuous and prosperous, war-torn yet rich. Its museums, historic sites, and artifacts all have compelling stories to tell. Learn more about what sites are worth your while here.