Showdown in Rio’s Favelas

For a long time, the government and most citizens tried to pretend that favelas didn’t exist (on city maps, the areas they occupied were traditionally rendered as blank). Now all eyes are on Rio de Janeiro’s showdown between police and military forces and the drug trafficking gangs that for years have controlled the favelas.

Honduran Unrest: An Insider’s Perspective, Part 3

A midnight curfew, soldiers and police throughout the city, and graffiti-covered buildings are all signs of the recent unrest in Honduras. Amy E. Robertson reflects on the atmosphere in Tegucigalpa and why now may actually be a surprisingly good time for a Caribbean escape.

Honduran Unrest: An Insider’s Perspective, Part 2

After hearing the news of the Honduran military blocking the runway with soldiers and equipment to prevent ousted president “Mel” Zelaya from landing at Toncontín Airport in the Honduran capital, Amy E. Robertson realized she wouldn’t be able to fly to Tegucigalpa from Seattle the next day. With the current political unrest in Honduras, getting home became a little more complicated for Amy and her family.

The Not-So-Great Mexican Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009

To this date, there isn’t a single confirmed case of swine flu in Puerto Vallarta. Yet panicked people cancelled weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and vacations because there was an outbreak of an easily treatable virus 550 miles away. Robin Noelle reflects on the pandemic and Mexico’s response.

Swine Flu: Get Informed

With the news of swine flu flooding the media, you may be anxious about your travel plans—or wonder whether you should even be traveling at all. In order to help you better understand swine flu, we’ve pulled together a list of websites and articles that provide the clearest, most relevant information about this outbreak.