Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park.

The Truth About Yellowstone’s Supervolcano

Volcanic activity is not a thing of the past in Yellowstone, but the reality is less terrifying than what you may have heard about on your Facebook feed. Read more to learn about whether or not the park’s infamous supervolcano poses a threat to travelers.

A hillside covered entirely in multi-story ramshackle homes.

Showdown in Rio’s Favelas

For a long time, the government and most citizens tried to pretend that favelas didn’t exist (on city maps, the areas they occupied were traditionally rendered as blank). Now all eyes are on Rio de Janeiro’s showdown between police and military forces and the drug trafficking gangs that for years have controlled the favelas.

Honduran Unrest: An Insider’s Perspective, Part 3

A midnight curfew, soldiers and police throughout the city, and graffiti-covered buildings are all signs of the recent unrest in Honduras. Amy E. Robertson reflects on the atmosphere in Tegucigalpa and why now may actually be a surprisingly good time for a Caribbean escape.