A panoramic view of a countryside town with homes clustered amongst rolling mediterranean hills.

Moving to Italy? Plan a 10-Day Fact-Finding Tour

If you’re scouting out a place to live, there just isn’t time in one week for classic sightseeing. This 10-day itinerary by Italy expert John Moretti covers northern and central Italy to give those seeking to move abroad a true feel for what homes in the area are like.

Colorful, multistoried buildings cluster tightly on a hillside overlooking bright beach umbrellas.

At Home in Italy

After making the move to Italy, author John Moretti became an expert on the country. Here is his overview of Italian life and a list of the things he loves most about Italy.

moon living abroad in italy cover featuring a car driving down a narrow cobbled street

Moon Living Abroad in Italy

When John Moretti left his job as a small-town reporter in Vermont for an extended vacation in Rome, he realized he didn’t want to go home—so he relocated to Milan instead, where he remained for four years. In Moon Living Abroad in Italy, Moretti offers straightforward, knowledgeable advice so businesspeople, students, teachers, retirees, and professionals […]

Square-cut slices of potato, mozzarella, and rosemary pizza.

Roman Holiday: Visiting Rome, Italy

One of the best things about traveling is encountering new things—and Jen Rios-Burns uncovered plenty of new discoveries during her vacation in Rome. Here’s her list of the ten things she loved the most.

The domed ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica with light rays entering the windows.

Whirlwind Italy

Summer is in full swing here at the Avalon Travel offices. Desks are emptying out, postcards are arriving from afar, and weekends start early on Fridays. The arrival of summer brings the start of summer vacations, and Jehán Seirafi is planning a tour of Italy.