Strange Fruit: Learning to Love Jaca

Jacas are the largest edible fruit known to humankind (they have been known to grow up to 3 feet in length and weigh over 80 pounds) and are one of the weirdest looking fruits you might come across. Michael rediscovers this strange fruit in a variety of dishes prepared by locals in the tiny village of Conceição dos Gatos.

Samburá: A Meal Well Worth the Walk

Michael and his sister honed their palates in cities like New York and Paris. During a recent trip through southern Bahia together, they ate some passable food, some good food, and, on occasion, some very memorable food.

In Praise of Culinary Differences

Expat Michael Sommers has always been amazed by Brazilians’ knack for cooking up meals for 20 at the drop of a hat. He shares his experience with hosting a dinner party at his home in Salvador, and talks about some of the cultural expectations and cuisine typical of shared meals in Brazil.