Colonial town of Tiradentes

Food and Lodging that Make the Grade

When Michael first came to Salvador he was overwhelmed by the amount of unique “must-try” Bahian dishes there were to sample. A restaurant-school can provide a great solution for travelers seeking to taste a range of dishes.

Pet motel

Brazil’s First Love Motel – for Pets

Often a source of confusion for North American tourists, a motel in Brazil is where couples go for amorous encounters. Recently a pair of entrepreneurs in Minas Gerais just opened the first motel catering to pets. The wealthy can drop off their pets at this eight-story complex for breeding, grooming, and pampering.

Hostel sign

Rio’s Fresh Crop of Hostels

Within the last year or so, a fresh crop of hostels have opened their doors, bringing the total number to 65. By the end of the year, another 10 hostels are slated to be up and running.

Hammocks on a beach

Brazil Getaway Challenge: Taking the Paths Less Traveled

Last year foreign travel to Brazil hit a record high. Meanwhile Brazilians themselves (those able to resist overnight shopping spree packages to Miami) are traveling throughout their country more than ever before. Add to this the rapid spread of urbanization and the frantic pace of infrastructure development, and it’s become more of a challenge to get off the beaten track in Brazil. And yet, it can be done.

People on a beach in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Budget Challenge: Rio on the Cheap

Enjoy 8 days in Rio de Janeiro for under US$1,200 (excluding air fare). This itinerary starts with 4 days enjoying the city of Rio itself with the remaining 4 days spent in Paraty, an alluring colonial town surrounded by beaches and mountains, located in the southern extreme of Rio de Janeiro state.

Four-star hotel sign

Following the Stars

ne of my earlier travel memories is of a family trip to France in which I discovered not only pain au chocolat and chestnut trees, but stars. I don’t mean stars as in celestial bodies, but stars as in the precise and pointed symbols, assembled in ones, twos, and threes, that conferred worthiness on every […]

Jamaica’s Best with Oliver Hill

Oliver Hill, author of Moon Jamaica, talks about the best resort package deals, the best places to stay for budget conscious travelers, the best music festivals, and more.

Pousada Coté Sud surrounded by lush green vegetation

One Last Escape (Alagoas)

Michael Sommers shares the story of an expat who has not only transformed her life, but is also transforming those of the Alagoas community in which she and her husband have set down roots.