A stock photo of an 8mm film reel.

Going to the Cinema in Guatemala City

Guatemala City has a number of excellent movie theaters, with movies sometimes opening on the same day as their U.S. release. Here’s where to catch a show when in Guatemala City.

The Brazilian flag on a white background.

Reliving Tropicalismo – On and Off Screen

Channeling counterculture and rock n’roll, an eclectic and charismatic collective of artists galvanized fans and critics throughout the country with their shows, albums, performances, and happenings that came to be known collectively as Tropicalismo.

The two stars of TV's Route 66 lean against a now-classic corvette.

Hollywood Road Trips Through the Years, Part 1

A century ago, the simultaneous invention of motor cars and motion pictures was a match made in Hollywood heaven, and over the years, movies have created some magical road trip memories. Jamie Jensen gives us part one of a brief chronology of classic road trip films.

The Brazilian flag on a white background.

Life Imitates Art: “Avatar” and The Amazon

Many viewers – particularly in Brazil – were quick to note the parallels between Avatar’s tale of an Edenic planet’s indigenous inhabitants struggling against the greed and corruption of an “advanced civilization”, and the very real encroachment of greedy developers upon the rich yet fragile Amazon ecosystem.

Black Orpheus poster

Reacting to Black Orpheus

Orfeu da Conceição by Brazilian poet/composer/diplomat and bon vivant Vincius de Moraes, must have been something to behold (and listen to) with sets designed by Oscar Niemeyer and original music by Vinícius and Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim.

Man stands in front of movie poster

Brazilians Shun Film in Favor of the Real Lula

On paper, Lula’s life story has all the elements of a great, inspiring epic film not to mention a thoroughly engrossing melodrama and director Fábio Barreto milks the hagiographic and tear-jerking elements for all they’re worth.