Tom Jobim – According to his Music

ast week a friend of mine invited me to go to movie, A Música Segundo Tom Jobim (The Music According to Tom Jobim). I have to admit that as much I like Antônio Carlos (“Tom”) Jobim– whom in Brazil is pretty much universally revered as the country’s greatest composer of all time – I was […]

More “Coisas de Novela”

everal weeks ago I posted about the ubiquity of the term “coisa de novela” (literal translation: “it’s something from a soap opera.”), a great expression that Brazilians use whenever they hear a story that seems too over-the-top to be true. In that post, I went on to talk about an outlandishly scripted tale involving passion […]

The (Brazilian) Beat Goes On

fell in love with Brazilian music began before I ever set foot in Brazil. Indeed, I remember with great sharpness my first formal “introduction” to Brazilian music (I’m not including elevator versions of “The Girl from Ipanema”). I was in my early 20s and living in Paris and had just fallen in love with a […]

Introducing Dzi Croquettes

Over the last decade, Brazil’s small but robust film segment has created a culturally significant and surprisingly profitable niche by churning out a number of full-feature documentaries that rescue and pay homage to some of the most important musical figures of the 20th century. Dzi Croquettes is a film that not only captures the talent of the group, but also shines a revealing light upon a complex moment in Brazilian history.