Argentines’ Dollar Crisis Deepens

While flying from Buenos Aires to Santiago in 2002, Wayne Bernhardson found himself seated next to an Argentine, bound for New York on business who, because his government had frozen bank accounts, found himself cashless. Now, ten years later, history may be repeating itself for foreign-bound Argentines.

The Young and the Ketchup

It all started in June when Maria Nilza Simões, a Pindobaçu housewife, hired Carlos Roberto de Jesus, an unemployed ex-con, to do away with a woman named Erenildes Aguiar Araújo, known by most people in town by the soap-worthy nickname of Lupita.
Maria Nilza claimed that Lupita was having an affair with her husband and she offered Carlos Roberto R$1,000 (roughly US$ 550) to get rid of her adversary.

Uncontacted Indian Tribe Surfaces in the Amazon

Satellite pictures taken earlier this year had alerted the Brazilian government’s National Indian Foundation to the possible existence of an uncontacted indigenous community that inhabits the Javari Valley Reserve. Yet only recently did researchers conduct a series of flyovers that confirmed the tribe’s existence. Aerial photos revealed four long, straw-roofed, communal huts, known as malocas, assembled in a trio of clearings that had been carved out of one of the densest and most remote parts of the Amazon forest.

Rio’s Corcovado Out of Commission

Last week’s historic rainfall in Rio de Janeiro wreaked havoc. By the week’s end, the torrential rains had caused the deaths of 66 people in the capital, almost all of which were due to landslides that buried residents and their precariously-built homes.

Mexico Resorts Take Steps to Reduce Environmental Impact

The construction of new buildings often causes ecological damage and environmental resource strain, but it can also bring much needed stimulus to the employment market and local economy, especially in countries like Mexico where, in many parts, tourism is the main economy. Fortunately, some resorts are taking steps to lessen or reverse the inherent harm they cause.

Historic Rainfall in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro inevitably calls up images of sun-drenched beach scenes backed by luminous blue skies. However, Rio does get its share of rain and, inevitably, when it rains in Rio, it often pours.