Corcovado scupture on magazine

Rio’s Corcovado Out of Commission

Last week’s historic rainfall in Rio de Janeiro wreaked havoc. By the week’s end, the torrential rains had caused the deaths of 66 people in the capital, almost all of which were due to landslides that buried residents and their precariously-built homes.

Water-conscious landscaping and a small shaped pool near rustic lodges.

Mexico Resorts Take Steps to Reduce Environmental Impact

The construction of new buildings often causes ecological damage and environmental resource strain, but it can also bring much needed stimulus to the employment market and local economy, especially in countries like Mexico where, in many parts, tourism is the main economy. Fortunately, some resorts are taking steps to lessen or reverse the inherent harm they cause.

Historic Rainfall in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro inevitably calls up images of sun-drenched beach scenes backed by luminous blue skies. However, Rio does get its share of rain and, inevitably, when it rains in Rio, it often pours.

Poster with the slogan "Brazil, country of the future"

Brazil’s Moving Up in the World

In recent years, Brazil has made progress on a vast variety of fronts: economic, social, political, environmental. Growth hovers in the air like the constant humidity, and the economy is in constant boom mode.