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Atlantic Coast Road Tripping: A Classic Seaside Stop in Ocean City

About the only place left on the entire East Coast that retains the carnival qualities of classic seaside resorts is Ocean City, Maryland. There you can find the best array of old-time funfair attractions in the Mid-Atlantic. Whether you’re planning your Atlantic Coast road trip or simply seeking fun at an amusement park, Jamie Jensen gives you the skinny on this beachside getaway.

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My Favorite U.S. City: Ocean City, NJ

In the scheme of Jersey Shore towns, Ocean City’s not nearly as glitzy as Atlantic City and doesn’t hold the same Victorian charm of Cape May. However, its allure lies in being understated. Laura Kiniry has been vacationing there with her family since she was a child, and while she’s never officially resided within its borders (yes, she’s a shoobie), it’ll always be her home.

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