The 21-Day Best of Brazil

Three weeks is probably the minimum amount of time required to get a quick sampling of some of Brazil’s most noteworthy attractions, landscapes, and cultures. Considering the country’s sheer size and diversity, and the distances and travel time involved, this itinerary is very selective. After all, the goal is to enjoy your time, not to exhaust yourself, and many of Brazil’s destinations involve some sort of relaxation.

The Changing Face(s) of Rio

Spurred on by its double hosting duties—of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games—Rio de Janeiro is undergoing metamorphosis on a massive scale. Major projects currently underway range from extending subway lines and revamping the historic, but dilapidated port zone to cracking down on drug-related crime and improving security in and around Rio’s notorious favelas by installing Police Pacification Units (UPPs), specially trained community police forces that have had considerable success in quelling violence and restoring safety to numerous communities throughout the city.

Flying Down to Rio with the Obamas

Shortly after Obama was sworn in as president, polls showed that Brazilians’ “good opinion” of the U.S. had shot up to 73 percent. Brazilians – an estimated 45 percent of whom can claim some African descent – celebrated the victory of the “black candidate” as if Carnaval had suddenly been proclaimed in November.

Showdown in Rio’s Favelas

For a long time, the government and most citizens tried to pretend that favelas didn’t exist (on city maps, the areas they occupied were traditionally rendered as blank). Now all eyes are on Rio de Janeiro’s showdown between police and military forces and the drug trafficking gangs that for years have controlled the favelas.

The Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Life in Rio is inseparable from the city’s many beaches, and you’ll find strips of sand to suit your every whim. Here is a list of 10 beaches that you can count on to correspond with your mood and fulfill your desires — whatever they may be.

Rio’s Corcovado Out of Commission

Last week’s historic rainfall in Rio de Janeiro wreaked havoc. By the week’s end, the torrential rains had caused the deaths of 66 people in the capital, almost all of which were due to landslides that buried residents and their precariously-built homes.

Historic Rainfall in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro inevitably calls up images of sun-drenched beach scenes backed by luminous blue skies. However, Rio does get its share of rain and, inevitably, when it rains in Rio, it often pours.