Two men pass under the shade of a tree high up on the shore of a white-sand beach.

São Sebastião: Beaches, Nightlife, and More

When Paulistanos say they are “going to São Sebastião,” they’re not actually referring to the busy seaside town, but to the 100km expanse of beaches and resort towns around it. Read on to find the right stretch of beach for your style of travel.

SESC and the City

Created in 1946, SESC is a private nonprofit organization whose role – to improve workers’ lives via access to education, culture, health, and recreation – is included in the Brazilian constitution and whose funding is assured by a 1.5 percent payroll tax imposed on Brazilian companies.

The twin spires of a neo-gothic church rise up into the sky amidst other less dramatic buildings.

What to See in São Paulo’s Centro District

São Paulo has undergone immense transformations since its foundation in 1554. However, hidden away in its original downtown core are a few interesting vestiges of the city’s colonial past, which are all the more striking for being hemmed in by a forest of skyscrapers.

Small peninsula with white beaches

Sun, Sand, and Seclusion in São Paulo

Visitors to São Paulo who pity the fact that its residents are landlocked in a seemingly never-ending urban jungle shouldn’t feel too sorry for them. After all, within a couple of hours by car (a couple more by bus) Paulistanos can easily access some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Brazilian coastline, in which mountains and exuberant Mata Atlântica collide spectacularly with emerald green coves and bays lined with sugary sands.

The pool at the Toque Toque Boutique Hotel

Escape to Toque Toque (São Paulo)

One of the most interesting aspects of traveling around and researching a travel guide is the stories one comes across of people who unexpectedly, and sometimes radically, abandon “conventional” lives in search of alternative ones.