Man on street carrying sack

To Give… Or Not to Give… (Is that the Question?)

“To give or not to give,” is a perplexing question. When I first arrived in Bahia, I was in a quandary as to how to respond to beggars. I took cues from my friends who with seeming nonchalance, in a bantering or mildly irritated manner blew such people off.

Campos do Jordao - A town with faux-Alpine architecture

Campos do Jordão: Brazil’s Switzerland

One of Paulistanos’ favorite getaways from the big city is Campos do Jordão (literal translation: Fields of Jordan). Only 2 hours away from São Paulo by car (3 hours by bus if you happen not to own a car – which is not the case of most people who frequent “Campos”), it’s often billed as Brazil’s Switzerland.

Banners outside the soccer museum

Brazil Scores Big with Museu de Futebol

The Museu de Futebol is located in São Paulo’s Estádio do Pacaembu, a fabulous Art Deco stadium that was completed in 1940 and inaugurated with much pomp and circumstance as the largest soccer stadium in Latin America.

Man buying pasteis at a stand in the rain

Pastéis in the Rain

I really admire the courage of Paulistanos who go about their business relatively undaunted by the rain. Not even their enthusiasm for stopping at a street stand for a piping hot pastel has been dampened.

Sao Paulo's main drag

On the Avenue – Strolling São Paulo’s Main Drag

If you’re in the mood for a big city on a large scale, Sampa fits the bill. To experience the epitome of its raw bustling energy, impressive mix of architecture, and the incredible diversity of both its inhabitants and its offerings, head to the city’s main artery, Avenida Paulista.

An expansive beach with palm trees studded in the distance.

Brazil’s Ten Best Secluded Getaway Beaches

While a good chunk of the Northern hemisphere is busy cranking up the thermostats and/or huddling between their down quilts, Brazil is in the throes of summer. Michael Sommers shares his list of the best secluded beaches from around the country.