View from the Marble Mountains in Vietnam. Photo © Dana Filek-Gibson.

Planning Your Time in Vietnam’s Central Provinces

With the stunning curves of a mountainous coastline and the heartbreaking scars of war, Vietnam’s central provinces are a microcosm of captivating destinations. The region boasts top-notch cuisine and natural, cultural, and historical attractions, catering to both adventurous backpackers and luxury travelers. Here are tips and travel advice to help plan your time exploring the area.

Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands of the Carribean.

Planning a Trip to the Virgin Islands

When planning a trip to the Virgin Islands, there’s a lot to take into account: your budget, when to go, how you’ll get there, and what necessities to pack. Fortunately–and unlike the question of what to do once you get there, considering all the excellent activities and opportunities to relax–those questions are easily answered with this travel advice.

The Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw can “back and ram” its way through walls of ice as high as 10 feet.

The Lake Effect in Michigan

The Great Lakes ‘lake effect’ hugely impacts Michigan weather. Learn how this in turn effects tourism, notably skiing, swimming, & pre-season preparations.

When the wind picks up, sailboarders and kitesurfers take to the water in Kailua.

Planning Your Time on Windward O‘ahu

The southeast stretch of O‘ahu, from Kahala to Makapu‘u, and north to La‘ie near the island’s northern tip on the windward coast, is a lot of coastline to cover. Most activities here, save a few cultural and hiking spots, are centered around the ocean. Taking weather, distance, and activities into account, here’s author Kevin Whitton with planning tips.

The Na Pali coast in Hawaii.

The Climate of the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii has comfortable weather year-round. Learn how the weather on the islands is moderated by trade winds, how leeward and windward mountainsides determine rainfall, and about the few severe occurrences common in Hawaii: tsunamis, hurricanes, and kona storms.