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  • Touring the Sandy Lowlands: Barbecue, Antiques, and More The Cape Fear River in North Carolina's Raven Rock State Park.Between the Triangle and the beaches are a band of small towns like Wilson which continue to be culturally vital, architecturally interesting, and full of good places to browse for antiques and to gobble up barbecue. Here’s a quick look at the Sandy Lowland’s towns and state parks.
  • Costa Rica’s Parque Nacional Palo Verde in the Tempisque Basin A Mangrove Black Hawk photographed on the banks of the Río Tempisque. Photo © Brian Ralphs licensed, Creative Commons Attribution.Parque Nacional Palo Verde is best known as a bird-watchers’ paradise. It protects 13,058 hectares (32,267 acres) of floodplain, marshes, and seasonal pools in the heart of the Tempisque basin. Read more about visiting the park including information on accommodations, guided walks, and native wildlife.
  • Grand Canyon’s Top Five A rare sight of total cloud inversion, from Desert View Point in the Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon National Park is vast, and so are the possibilities for personalizing your visit. From hiking to history, here are five truly grand options.
  • The Tucson Mountain Park and Gates Pass Scenic Overlook A rocky hillside studded with saguaro cacti.The Tucson Mountain Park spans 20,000 acres of wild desert and features one of the largest saguaro forests in the world. Learn about the history of the preserve and find helpful information on campgrounds and day-use amenities.
  • Costa Rica’s Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú At the bottom of a steep crater is a lake with water that is emerald green.The slopes north of Cartago rise gradually to the summit of Volcán Irazú. Read about hiking the trails to see the volcano’s five craters—including the Diego de la Haya crater—and discover information on local restaurants and accommodations.

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Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

  • Hiking Essentials for Glacier National Park A narrow hiking path lined with wildflowers above a deep aqua blue lake.Hiking in Glacier demands preparedness. Unpredictable fast-changing weather can mutate a warm summer day into wintry conditions in hours. Outdoors expert Becky Lomax tells you what to bring when hitting the trails in Glacier National Park.
  • The Best of Glacier National Park in One Week A hiker crosses loose shale stone with an impressive valley vista beyond.While Glacier adventures can fill a lifetime, you can taste the best of its wild side in a week. Becky Lomax suggests a seven-day itinerary to help you experience the park’s wonders.
  • Get Up Close and Personal with Glaciers Ice and snow cluster around exposed striated rock.Sadly, Glacier National Park’s namesake glaciers are expected to melt away completely within the next 8-18 years. Check out these six must-see glaciers up close while you still can.