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Recent Hiking Articles

  • The Best Late Summer Hikes in Mt. Rainier National Park The view from Glacier Basin in Mt. Rainier National Park.The late summer offers a window for spectacular hikes on Mt. Rainier, when most of the snow on the trails has melted. Here are the trails you can’t miss.
  • Outdoor Activities at Land Between the Lakes Land Between the Lakes is home to about fifty Bison.The Land Between the Lakes offers great opportunities for fishing, boating, hiking, biking, camping, and wildlife-watching. Find the best local activities.
  • Savoring Fall Foliage Across Kentucky The Great Gulf Overlook in Kentucky, rich with autumn colors.all in Kentucky is a sensory experience, marked by crisp and cool mornings, pumpkin- flavored everything, the smell of bonfires, and, perhaps above all else, the colors of the changing leaves. Together, these beautiful trees—the bright reds and oranges of sugar maples; the plum purple of ash; the yellow of poplars, birches, and willows; and ...
  • Hiking in Kaua‘i’s Beautiful Koke‘e State Park Steep cliffs covered in greenery plunge into a canyon near the edge of the island.There are about 45 miles of trails in Koke‘e State Park with a range of difficulty levels. Learn more about the different trails which include easy kid-friendly walks and bird-watching trails.
  • Coastal Oregon’s Dune Country: Coos Bay to Florence About 50 miles long, but only a couple of miles wide, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area stretches along the coast from Coos Bay to Florence.The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area encompasses the largest and most extensive oceanfront dunes in the world. Learn about scenic views and recreation opportunities among the dunes.

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Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

  • Exploring Lake McDonald Valley Sunset on Lake McDonald.Lake McDonald Valley has all the earmarks of glacial action—it’s long, straight, and U-shaped—and offers a host of great recreational opportunities, from camping to biking to horseback riding. Read on to plan your trip to the home of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road.
  • The Skalkaho Pass Road in Southwestern Montana A row of sheep grazing along the snow-covered banks of Rock Creek.With opportunities for fishing or a family-friendly stop at a sapphire mine, the Skalkaho Pass Road and its nearby sights are worth the time. The drive connects two otherwise distant valleys along a route with great scenic value.
  • Hiking Essentials for Glacier National Park A narrow hiking path lined with wildflowers above a deep aqua blue lake.Hiking in Glacier demands preparedness. Unpredictable fast-changing weather can mutate a warm summer day into wintry conditions in hours. Outdoors expert Becky Lomax tells you what to bring when hitting the trails in Glacier National Park.