Travel Maps of Baja including Tijuana, Mexicali, La Paz, the East Cape, and Los Cabos.

Baja Maps

These free, printable travel maps of Baja are divided into ten regions:

Explore Baja with these helpful travel maps from the ninth edition of Moon Baja.

Map of the Cape of Baja Mexico

Cape of Baja Mexico

Map of Central Baja, Mexico

Central Baja

Map of Northern Baja

Northern Baja

Tijuana, Rosarito, and Tecate

As the peninsula’s largest city, Tijuana is a high-risk, high-reward place. outstanding cuisine, trendsetting nightclubs, and bargain shopping attract loyal weekenders from Southern California. But the stories you hear of drug and sex trafficking, corrupt cops, rip-off artists, and predatory cab drivers are not urban legend. On the Pacific coast to the south, Rosarito draws surfers and college students on spring break. East of Tijuana, tecate offers a more relaxed border crossing and pleasant town plaza, and serves as a gateway to the Valle de Guadalupe wine country along Mexico 3.

Map of Tijuana, Rosarito, and Tecate Mexico

Tijuana, Rosarito & Tecate

Map of Tijuana, Mexico


Map of Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana, Mexico

Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana

Map of Rosarito, Mexico


Map of Tecate, Mexico


Ensenada to El Rosario

South of the border region, Ensenada has hopping clubs and bars at its north end and a quiet and more upscale malecón (waterfront promenade) downtown. Nearby are boutique wineries and empty beaches along Bahía de San Quintín. El Rosario marks the gateway to the Desierto Central that makes up the peninsula’s interior.

Map of Ensenada to El Rosario

Ensenada to El Rosario

Map of Ensenada, Mexico


Map of Downtown Ensenada, Mexico

Downtown Ensenada

Map of the Valle del Guadalupe, Mexico

Valle del Guadalupe and the Ruta del Vino

Map of the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park in Mexico

Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martir

Map of Valle de San Quintin Mexico

Valle de San Quintin

Mexicali to San Felipe

Mexicali is the state capital of Baja California (Norte), a regional center of agricultural commerce, and a supply depot for travelers passing through to points south. Its Chinesca district offers a Mexican twist on Chinese cuisine. Nearby are hot springs in the Cañon de Guadalupe and a sizable expat community in San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez. You can hike among towering cacti in the Valle de los Gigantes or camp on secluded beaches near Puertecitos and Bahía San Luis Gonzaga.

Map of Mexicali to San Felipe Mexico

Mexicali to San Felipe

Map of Mexicali, Mexico


Map of San Felipe, Mexico

San Felipe

Desierto Central to Bahía de los Angeles

Here begins the quintessential Baja. You’ll drive through miles of undisturbed desert terrain. Stop to stretch your legs in Cataviña and walk among the boulders. Head west to find waves at the Wall or east to explore the timeless fishing outpost of Bahía de los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez.

Map of Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico

Bahia de los Angeles

Map of the Vicinity of Bahia de los Angeles in Mexico

Vicinity of Bahia de los Angeles

Guerrero Negro to Bahía Concepción

Guerrero Negro marks the state line between Baja California (Norte) and Baja California Sur. From mission towns to mining towns and prehistoric rock art sites, this region is rich with opportunities for cultural exploration. On the Pacific coast are two lagoons where gray whales come to bear their calves. On the Gulf coast, the shallow bays of Bahía Concepción are ideal for paddling, snorkeling, and cruising.

Map of Guerrero Negro, Mexico

Guerrero Negro

Map of Isla Cedros, Mexico

Isla Cedros

Map of Isla Natividad, Mexico

Isla Natividad

Map of San Ignacio, Mexico

San Ignacio

Map of Santa Rosalia, Mexico

Santa Rosalia

Map of Isla San Marcos

Isla San Marcos

Map of Mulege, Mexico


Map of Bahia Concepcion, Mexico

Bahia Concepcion

Map of Bahia Coyote, Mexico

Bahia Coyote

Loreto and Bahía Magdalena

The site of the first permanent Jesuit mission, Loreto has a deep-rooted history. Today it is becoming a government-sponsored tourist corridor that entertains visitors with full-service resorts, sportfishing charters, and a national marine park. Nearby, San Javier gives a taste of life in the isolated interior. Across the peninsula, on the Pacific, gray whales congregate in Bahía Magdalena during the winter months.

Map of Loreto to Bahia Agua Verde in Mexico

Loreto to Bahia Agua Verde

Map of Loreto, Mexico


Map of Bahia Magdalena

Bahia Magdalena

Map of Puerto San Carlos, Mexico

Puerto San Carlos

La Paz and Vicinity

Known for its beautiful sunsets and lively malecón scene, La Paz is an authentic Mexican city with a strong mainland influence. White-sand beaches along the Pichilingue Peninsula invite relaxation, while isla Espíritu Santo and other protected islands offshore support a rare and fragile ecosystem.

Map of La Paz, Mexico and vicinity

La Paz and Vicinity

Map of La Paz, Mexico

La Paz

Map of Downtown La Paz, Mexico

Downtown La Paz

Map of beaches and islands near La Paz

Beaches and Islands near La Paz

Map of Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla Partida, and Los Islotes in Mexico

Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla Partida, and Los Islotes

Map of Bahia de le Ventana, Mexico

Bahia de la Ventana and Bahia de los Muertos

Map of Bahia de le Ventana, Mexico

Bahia de la Ventana and Bahia de los Muertos

The East Cape and The Sierra de la Laguna

Travelers with a passion for water sports and a willingness to rough it will find paradise along the Gulf coast. This is a place of solar power, dirt roads, panga boats, and palapa restaurants. The Sea of Cortez offers secluded beaches, steady winter winds, abundant game fish, a living coral reef, and 30-meter visibility underwater in summer. Inland, the Sierra de la Laguna attracts hikers and horseback riders with cascading waterfalls and 2,100- meter peaks.

Map of Los Barriles, Mexico

Los Barriles

Map of Sierra de la Laguna and Vicinity in Mexico

Sierra de la Laguna & Vicinity

Map of Santiago to Miraflores, Mexico

Santiago to Miraflores

Map of Sierra de la Laguna Hiking Trails in Mexico

Sierra de la Laguna Hiking Trails

Travel map of Los Cabos by region.

Los Cabos by Region.

The West Cape and Todos Santos

Along the Pacific coast, a rugged shoreline extends from Cabo San Lucas north to the growing artist community of Todos Santos. The West Cape remains the least-developed stretch of coastline on either side of the peninsula south of La Paz.

Map of the West Cape and Todos Santos

The West Cape & Todos Santos

Map of Cabo Falso to Playa Migrino

Cabo Falso to Playa Migrino

Map of Todos Santos

Todos Santos

Detail map of Todos Santos

Todos Santos Detail

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