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Living Abroad in Brazil

  • Expats Abroad: From Beach Bums to Bankers The entrance of São Vicente bay in BrazilIn the second part of her “Expats Abroad” series, Julie Doherty Meade talks to Brazil resident Michael Sommers to learn more about life for foreigners in Brazil.

Living Abroad in Italy

  • Road Rules in Italy A round sign with split arrows is at the top of a row of signs listing cities and accompanied by left and right arrows.It is easy to be the victim of miscommunication in Italy, but mistakes made on the road can have severe consequences. John Moretti discusses street signs, traffic lights, and what Italian drivers mean when they flash their headlights.

Living Abroad in Japan

  • Cultural Values of Japan Two young men dressed in urban fashion cross at the famous busy Shibuya intersection.Every culture transmits values to its youth, first in the context of family, and then through the educational process. Living abroad expert Ruthy Kanagy discusses the core values of Japanese culture and the diversity that can be found throughout the country.

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  • Australian Work Culture View of the Perth city skyline with a park in the foreground.What you wear, how you act toward others, the hours you keep, and the way you approach your work are important in every respect for finding and keeping a good job. Learn more about Aussie work culture.
  • The Expat Social Scene in Beijing Two bicycles leaned against the wall gathering dust.Twenty years ago just about every foreigner from the West living in Beijing knew one other. Today a vast expatriate community has emerged and is making an impression on the Beijing social scene.
  • Expats Abroad: The Changing Paradigm A quiet, empty street in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.In the final part of her “Expats Abroad” series, Julie Doherty Meade discusses the future of expat communities around the world, from Mexico to Costa Rica to China.

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