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The gorgeous mountain view near El Toro Negro forest, Puerto Rico.

Driving La Ruta Panorámica

You couldn’t ask for a better way to explore Puerto Rico’s Cordillera Central than to drive this 167-mile route from Mayagüez on the west coast to Yabucoa on the southeast coast. Expert author Suzanne Van Atten is here with tips on making the most of the drive, and your best options for exploring only part of the route.

The site of the Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria in Mayagüez dates back to 1763. Photo © Suzanne Van Atten.

Itinerary: The Best of Puerto Rico in One Week

It would take at least a month to fully explore Puerto Rico, but this one-week tour gives visitors a little taste of everything Puerto Rico has to offer: beaches, nature preserves, colonial cities, surf and dive spots, and golf.

Begin the day’s drive at the Bear Mountain Bridge and make your way north, stopping for lunch and antiques shopping in Saugerties.

Fall Foliage Tours in Hudson Valley and the Catskills

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

Road Trip Loop from Santa Fe to Taos

If you want to road trip from Santa Fe to Taos, there are three routes to take. Drive the tried & true high-low loop, speed along the West Rim if you’re on a time limit, or do a custom combinations of all three to see the sights you don’t want to miss. Expert author Zora O’Neill is here with pre-planned routes and advice on creating the best route for you.