With the news of swine flu flooding the media, you may be anxious about your travel plans—or wonder whether you should even be traveling at all. In order to help you better understand swine flu, we’ve pulled together a list of websites and articles that provide the clearest, most relevant information about this outbreak:

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) – The CDC has the most complete and in-depth information on swine flu, including helpful links to articles like Swine Flu and You and Swine Flu Key Facts.
  • WebMD – WebMD has posted an excellent article on Swine Flu and Travel that offers travel recommendations, and advice on what to do if you get sick while traveling. They also offer answers to a list of frequently asked questions about swine flu.
  • flu.gov – One-stop access to U.S. government swine, avian and pandemic flu information. Includes maps, webcasts, and up to the minute updates.

If you are traveling, there are steps that you can take to limit your risk of catching swine flu. We want all of our readers to stay informed, and stay healthy.