We are pleased to announce the winners of our Moon Trip of a Lifetime giveaway. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

The prizes for the giveaway. © Larissa Hageman.

Grand Prize Winner

Ann P. of Van Nuys, California, is the grand prize winner of the iPad mini, a Moon hat, and a copy of Moon Galápagos Islands. Ann says, “I chose the Galápagos Islands because I would one day like to check out the animals that reside there, especially the turtles. Plus I love beaches and islands.”

She also shared her favorite travel memory:

I took a trip to Hawaii to visit some relatives. I must have been around six or seven. It was so beautiful. The water was so clear and the sand was so soft beneath my toes. I remember going only a few feet into the water and already I could see fish swimming up to greet me. They were so close I could feed them if I wanted to. It made me wish I bought some fish food to feed them with. It’s been a while since I’ve gone back, but I’ll never forget my day at the beach.”

Runner-Up Winners

The runner-ups (who will receive a Moon hat and a Trip of a Lifetime travel guide of their choice) are:

Tyler G. of Austin, Texas (Moon Taj Mahal, Delhi & Jaipur)

I’ve always dreamt of visiting India. Everything about the country intrigues my senses and sparks my desire to travel—the culture, food, Himalayas, and of course the majestic Taj Mahal. It has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and I imagine it would be quite a transformative trip.”

Michelle R. of Burbank, California (Moon Galápagos Islands)

The Galápagos Islands would be a Trip of a Lifetime for me because I am PADI Open Water certified, and the opportunity to (maybe) dive with a whale shark would be a dream come true.”

Sheryl C. of Toledo, Ohio (Moon Galápagos Islands)

Pat N. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Moon Machu Picchu)

Pepper J. of San Francisco, California (Moon Machu Picchu)

Second Runner-Up Winners

The second runner-ups (who will receive a Trip of a Lifetime travel guide of their choice) are:

Greta A. of Lake Crystal, Minnesota (Moon Galápagos Islands)

I chose the Galápagos Islands because I have always been fascinated by Darwin, especially the unique ecosystem that thrived there. The idea of seeing animals that you can’t see anywhere else holds quite the draw.”

Karen M. of Clinton, Michigan (Moon Galápagos Islands)

I chose the Galápagos Islands as my Trip of a Lifetime destination because the weather and habitat on all the many islands has always been something that intrigued me!”

Alexandra J. of Gaylord, Michigan (Moon Machu Picchu)

My husband and I always watch documentaries and the one about Machu Picchu we especially loved! We would love to see it with our own eyes.”

Jake G. of St. Helens, Merseyside, United Kingdom (Moon Taj Mahal, Delhi & Jaipur)

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Keep reading Moon.com and checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds for information on our future giveaways.