Wakeboarding is one of scores of popular water sports in Bermuda.

Wakeboarding is one of scores of popular water sports in Bermuda. Photo © Rosemary Jones.

While many Bermuda residents spend weekends and downtime testing their limits against the island’s physical challenges, visitor activities were often somewhat, well, sedate. That’s all changed in the last few years with the arrival of numerous vendors offering outsiders a feel of the “real”—read extreme—Bermuda.

Sign on for epic adventures that demonstrate Bermuda truly does have it all, from cliff jumping to kayak trips and offshore snorkeling. Book and pay in advance via vendors directly, or through the Island Tour Centre.

  • Get airborne with Coconut Rockets/Bermuda Flyboard (441/504-7197). Attached via boots and bindings to a pressurized flyboard, the “pilot” is propelled by the water jet pack up to 35 feet above the ocean surface. Experience stuntman-style antics in and over the water.
  • If you balk at riding the killer wakes of his awesome speedboat, John Martin will simply tell you he’s already taught his five-year-old twins to do it. His company, AXIS Adrenaline Projects (441/537-1114), picks up islandwide and will zoom you past eye-popping scenery to Castle Harbour or other turquoise expanses where you can get your balance and learn mastery of such extreme arts from a true maestro.
  • Hawaii Ironman and multisport athlete Kent Richardson is the real deal when it comes to conquering the outdoors. At Bermuda Waterski & Wakeboard Centre (441/234-3354 or 441/335-1012), he’ll test your mettle with thrills like jumping off Diving Board Island or full-throttle waterskiing along the North Shore. If you’re up for tamer stuff, just say so—he’s happy to show off Bermuda with slower-paced snorkeling or sightseeing too.
  • The wow factor of North Rock’s barrier reef has even bona fide Bermudians catching their breath. If you have a spare afternoon, book a truly unforgettable trip to the landmark beacon nine miles off the North Shore. Outfitters like ÜberVida (441/236-2222) or the Bermuda Zoological Society (441/293-2727) run four-hour snorkel trips to the spectacular underwater world that’s like diving into a scene from Finding Nemo.

Excerpted from the Fourth Edition of Moon Bermuda.