Greenwich Village and Soho are two of the most vibrant and interesting neighborhoods in New York City, where a bohemian past mingles with a posh but quirky present.

The Village is one of the city’s great cultural hubs, filled with sidewalk cafés, jazz clubs, and art-house movie theaters. The eastern edge of the neighborhood seems like one big open-air campus for New York University, with Washington Square Park drawing students, chess masters, and buskers beneath its famous archway. Centering around 7th Avenue, the West Village lies outside Manhattan’s neat grid and is filled with beautiful tree-lined streets, pristine townhouse architecture, adorable cafés, and candlelit bars. Bordered to the west by picturesque Hudson River Park, it is one of the city’s most appealing residential districts.

The cobblestone streets of pedestrian-friendly Soho exude both historical charm and the modern draw of fantastic shopping—the haute couture is priced like fine art, though there are also plenty of fast fashion shops and small boutiques to peruse. A few galleries remain from the area’s artistic past, and, like the Village, Soho offers plenty of top-notch dining and nightlife options.

Printable Map of West Village and Soho

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Travel map of West Village and Soho, New York City

West Village and Soho. Click to view at full size (3mb).

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