Travel is about the experience. Travel is authenticity, a connection with the land and its people, and most of all, travel is about taking the time and making the effort to create the perfect trip for you. When it comes to putting an individual touch on trips in South America, nobody does it like Eureka Travel (P.O. Box 7384, Burbank, CA 91510, tel. 818-841-8624 or 855-938-7352 toll-free).

Based commercially in Southern California and operationally in Bariloche, Eureka Travel is a family-run enterprise that shows patience in arranging flights and constructing itineraries. —Wayne Bernhardson, Moon Patagonia 4th ed.

While technically Eureka Travel is a travel agency, they’re also true specialists in their craft. Founder and CEO Analia Rupar-Przebieda, co-founder and husband Darek Przebieda, and Bariloche-resident and sister Cecilia Rupar make up a family with a passion for travel, and a goal to share that passion with others.

Cerro Fitz Roy in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

Cerro Fitz Roy in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Photo © Galyna Andrushko/123rf.

The South America they offer is one they’ve enjoyed themselves, from roughing it in the wilderness to luxuriating in the city, trying the food, mingling with the locals, familiarizing themselves with everything from festivals to weather patterns. Even when abroad they’re always searching for ways to bring incredible travel home to their clients, such as a meal and a night shared with a Brazillian local at home translating to hosting Argentine asado at Cecilia’s home.

Travelers that best fit with the company’s boutique approach to tourism are generally not bottom-of-the-bin bargain hunters, they’re people who value unique experiences and a certain level of cultural immersion. They’re also people who prefer intimate travel; Eureka Travel doesn’t do large bus tours, so couples, families, and small groups reap the most benefit from the team’s knowledge.

Depending on your desired experience, itineraries created by the team feature physical activity (ranging anywhere from two-hour city walks to four-day Inca Trail treks), focus on cultural explorations in food, wine, and art, and take great advantage of their personal relationships with local suppliers, tour guides, and other specialists. To get a good idea of their style, check out this small group to Chile trip, a pre-made itinerary available for booking that includes detailed descriptions of when, where, and how.

So how much does an experience with Eureka Travel cost? Because of the nature and scope of services offered, that too depends. Independent travelers who already have an itinerary of their own are welcome to contact the team to add activities and sights à la carte, such as a city tour or dinner and a show, which lands in the hundred-dollar range and still includes the company’s signature pick-up/drop-off service.

Or travelers can tap the team’s expertise, insight, and careful planning to craft complex, 3-4 week itineraries that include multi-country flights, ground transfers, tours, accommodations, and guides, which can cost thousands of dollars. Your travel style (five-star luxury hotels vs midrange accommodations, private tours vs group tours) also has an impact on price. In the end, where you go, what you do, the things you see, and even what you pay, is your choice.