It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of “dressing like a tourist.” You know the look: fanny pack, white sneakers, jeans. While there’s nothing wrong with dressing for comfort and convenience (hey, we’ve all given in to the irresistible ease of the fanny pack), some days might call for a little something different. If you feel like upping your fashion game when you hit the streets of, say, New York or Paris, you can easily blend comfort and walkability with trendy and fashionable. The city-slick tips below are useful for any season, and are sure to take your street style to next level. Take a little inspiration from these trend-setting Instagrammers to find fashionable travel clothes that are right for you!

Breezy Dresses

Yes, you can wear a dress and still be comfortable! The key is to pick a loose-fitting, flowy dress—though ideally not one that hits below your ankles—and to couple it with a pair of flat shoes. Sneakers or comfortable sandals are great options, but if you’re headed to colder weather, a cozy pair of boots works just as well. For extra comfort (and warmth!), consider a pair of leggings or bike shorts underneath. An added bonus to this look is that it can easily take you from day to night. Throw on your favorite jacket, tuck your Moon City Walks guide into a shoulder bag or backpack, and you’re good to go.


Another key to dressing for a day of city sightseeing is to layer up. This strategy guarantees that pretty much no matter what events (or weather!) come your way, you’ll be prepared with just the right outfit. Think leggings or comfortable jeans, a versatile scarf, and a good quality cardigan or jacket. Keep in mind: neutral colors are your friend here, but a pop of color never hurt anyone.

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Wide-leg Pants

Thankfully, the era of tight-jeans-or-nothing is behind us. We can all breathe a little easier with the latest comeback trend of wide-leg and loose-fitting pants. They’re walkable, blissfully comfortable, and universally flattering. Go for a casual look with a classic t-shirt and trendy sneakers, layer a warm sweater and versatile jacket with some wide-leg denim, or dress up a printed pair with a form-fitting top. Whatever look you gravitate towards, this style works wonderfully with flat shoes—freeing you up to explore the city all day!

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A Sleek Coat

There’s nothing that ties an outfit together better than the perfect outerwear. Whatever your personal style—from jeans and sneakers to a miniskirt—gear up for the colder months with a quality statement coat, and you’ll always be in style. A sturdy trench coat is a fashionable option that’s truly stood the test of time.

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And, if all else fails, fall back on old reliable: the leather jacket.

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