Alexei J. Cohen

Greve in Chianti Wineries

You can learn a lot about wine in Florence, but there’s something raw and earthy about drinking it at the source. There are two ways to do that: Either you join a wine tour and follow a preordained path or you set out on your own. The latter is the adventurous option and only requires reaching Chianti.

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Shopping for Venetian Carnevale Masks

Shopping in Venice is an adventure. Vendors and craftsman selling glass, lace, and papier-mâché can still be found plying their trades across the city. In addition, Venice has no fashion megastores, but many designer boutiques.

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What Do Italians Eat? And Other Questions About Italy

It’s easy to misjudge a country based on preconceptions. You hear a lot, you see a lot, and your imagination naturally makes assumptions. Some of what we’re told about a country is true, of course—but much of it isn’t. It’s up to travelers themselves to seek out what’s beyond the clichés, and discover what’s truly authentic. Overcoming these becomes infinitely harder when the country in question is Italy—and countless works of art, famed history, world-renowned food, and a thousand other things come to mind.

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