Wayne Bernhardson

Discover Argentina

In the decades since the return to constitutional government, Argentina has become an ideal place to travel. Most important, like the melancholy music and dance of the tango, it has retained its identity and mystique.

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Argentine Monkeys Howl Back!

Hardly anybody thinks of Argentina as monkey habitat, but the northeastern provinces of Corrientes, Misiones, Chaco, and Formosa have significant if not abundant subtropical forest that supports populations of the black howler Alouatta caraya, which is also present in Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

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Sex & Food in Buenos Aires

Wayne Bernhardson talks about the city’s albergues transitorios, the “love hotels” that rent rooms by the hour (or a bit longer). Young couples in search of privacy may be their main market, but sometimes even married couples, who may want to get away from the kids in their small apartment, will use them.

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