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First Edition, July 2017
Pages: 160

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ISBN: 9781631215889

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Moon Bogotá

Travel writer and expat Andrew Dier shares his expert perspective on Colombia, guiding you on a memorable and unique experience.

Whether you’re looking to appreciate pre-Colombian artifacts in their cultural context, stroll in the lush Jardín Botánico, or hoping to taste the perfect ajiaco soup, Moon Bogotá has activities for every traveler. With itineraries like “Bogotá and Boyacá,” expertly crafted maps, gorgeous photos, and Andrew’s trustworthy advice, Moon Bogotá provides the tools for planning your perfect trip!

Andrew Dier

Andrew Dier and his Colombian partner Vio arrived in Bogotá from New York City in 2002. It was initially supposed to be a temporary move—a change of scenery for a while—but 10 years and a couple of adopted street dogs later, bustling Bogotá has gradually become their home.

Excited to share his newfound insider perspective on Colombia with others, Andrew traveled the country corner to corner to research Moon Colombia. Colombia has experienced great change during the past decade, transforming itself from a no-go to a must-see destination. Andrew is continuously astounded by the natural beauty of the country and touched by the genuine warmth of its people.

Andrew is a regular contributor to The City Paper, an English-language newspaper in Bogotá, and has written for a number of publications in the United States. He’s also become a deft translator, mostly for local nonprofit organizations.