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First Edition, August 2011
Pages: 288

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ISBN: 9781598807554

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Moon Living Abroad in Hong Kong

Seasoned journalist and former resident Rory Boland knows what it takes to make the move to Hong Kong. As someone who has lived, worked, and set up a business in Hong Kong, Boland has the firsthand know-how and insight to help you make a smooth transition to life in China. With his experience to guide you, you’ll have no trouble navigating the excellent public transportation system, avoiding common mistakes, and enjoying life to the fullest in this exhilarating, dynamic city.

Moon Living Abroad in Hong Kong is packed with essential information and must-have details on setting up daily life, including obtaining visas, arranging finances, and gaining employment. Boland also includes particulars on education, health care, and how to rent or buy a home that fits your needs. With color and black and white photos, illustrations, and maps to help you find your way, Moon Living Abroad in Hong Kong is an indispensable resource for tourists, business people, adventurers, students, teachers, professionals, families, couples, and retirees looking to relocate.

Here’s what author Rory Boland loves about Hong Kong:
  • Finishing work in a skyscraper and being on the sand at the seaside in less than 30 minutes.
  • Life 2.0: Record-breaking internet speeds, cell phones tuned to TV and middle-aged men fiddling with portable game consoles on the MTR.
  • Noise, color and community spirit at Chinese festivals.
  • Yum Cha. Hold on to your belt buckle.
  • That you can walk home at three in the morning with your headphones on and never have to look over your shoulder.
  • Being able to get your hands on street food anytime, anywhere.
  • Junk trips to desert islands.
  • Getting out of town: Bargain weekend breaks to Beijing, Bangkok and just about everywhere else in Southeast Asia.
  • Being the guest of honor at a feast and trying to work out the rites and rituals and then being forgiven when you break them all.
  • Public transportation is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Drinking 7-Eleven San Miguel’s on the streets of Lan Kwai Fong while listening to Filipino cover bands sing U2 songs better than Bono.
  • Simply the best iced tea in the world.

Rory Boland

As someone who has plunged both hands wrist-deep into the soup bowl at a work dinner (believing it to be a finger bowl), and asked a surprisingly accommodating elderly lady on the bus if he could sit on her rather than next to her, thanks to a bumbling phrasebook, Rory Boland can honestly say that he’s been on the frontlines of living abroad.

After stints in Wales, the United States, and Poland, Rory and his partner Martyna moved to Hong Kong in 2006, where he found work as an editor for a city tourist magazine and a flat the size of a refrigerator in Wan Chai. During his time in Hong Kong, Rory learned how to successfully ride the red minibuses, never to say “no” to the boss, and not to let the bar owners in Lan Kwai Fong see you buying beers at a 7-Eleven. He also co-authored the third edition of National Geographic Traveler: Hong Kong and edited for Zagat’s inaugural guidebook to Hong Kong.

Rory has contributed to newspapers and magazines such as The Boston Globe, The Irish Times, and Time Out. He splits his time between the sweaty streets of Hong Kong and the windswept tundras of Warsaw—reading, writing, and using sinks rather than soup to wash his hands.