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First Edition, December 2014
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Moon Living Abroad Paris

Writer Aurelia d’Andrea knows what it takes to make the move to Paris—she’s done it twice. In Moon Living Abroad Paris, she uses her know-how to provide insight and firsthand advice on navigating the language and culture of this enchanting city, outlining all the information you need to manage your move abroad in a smart, organized, and straightforward manner.

Moon Living Abroad Paris is packed with essential information and must-have details on setting up daily life, including obtaining visas, arranging finances, gaining employment, choosing schools, and finding health care. With color and black and white photos, illustrations, and maps to help you find your bearings, Moon Living Abroad Paris makes the transition process easy for businesspeople, adventurers, students, teachers, professionals, families, couples, and retirees looking to relocate.

Aurelia d'Andrea

Writer Aurelia d’Andrea‘s infatuation with Paris began in high school French class, but it was in 2004—after a yearlong adventure in the City of Light—that she realized she was in love. Five years later, she packed up her San Francisco apartment and schlepped her husband, her dog, and seven bicycles back to the French capitol. After nearly five years in her adopted hometown, Aurelia no longer dreads the dossier or fears a visit to the prefecture. Instead, she’s learned to embrace the paper trail and accept her perpetually deficient French grammar.

Besides being a non-stop source of creative inspiration, the city is a feast for the senses—and that’s what keeps this expat’s passion for Paris alive. A typical day usually includes a bike trip across town to her favorite outdoor market, a neighborhood promenade with her dog Fanny, and at least one glass of wine.

Aurelia is the author of Moon Living Abroad in France, Moon MapGuide Paris, and Vegetarian Paris. Her writing has also appeared in Vegetarian Times and online at and Visit her blog at