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First Edition, June 2017
Pages: 450

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ISBN: 9781631212468

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Moon New England Road Trip

Boston, Acadia National Park, White Mountains, Berkshires, Newport, and Cape Cod

Boston, Coastal Maine, Acadia National Park, Southern Vermont, The Berkshires, Newport, Cape Cod, and New York City

Explore vibrant cities, wild coastlines and colonial villages on a grand tour of New England’s most iconic destinations. Chart your own perfect path through the region, from a classic, 14-day itinerary to a wilderness tour through parks and peaks. With easy-to-use maps that keep you oriented on and off the highway, our detailed driving routes give you all you need, including mileage from place to place, driving times, and advice on the best places to stop along the way to eat, sleep, and explore.

Choose the road trip that’s best for you:

  • The 14-Day Best of New England
  • Two Days in Coastal Maine
  • Two Days in New Hampshire’s White Mountains
  • The Best of Cape Cod
  • A Drive Along the Connecticut Coast
  • Jen Rose Smith

    Jen Rose Smith came to Vermont for the mountains and lake, then stayed for everything else. She spends her time exploring the state on bicycles and backcountry skis with her husband, Daniel, searching out the sweetest picnic spots, swimming holes, and snack bars.

    Jen is a freelance writer whose work on travel, food, and drink has appeared in Best of Burlington, Local Banquet of Vermont, Vermont Magazine, Traveler’s Tales: Best Women’s Travel Writing, Culinate, and Overnight Buses. Since settling in Vermont, she’s continued to travel extensively, hunting iguanas in Mexico, cooking in Italy’s, and riding her bicycle across Newfoundland’s wilderness. Her adventures in Vermont while researching and writing this book have been just as compelling, and there’s no other place she’d rather live.