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These free, printable travel maps of China are divided into two regions:

Explore China with these helpful travel maps from Moon Beijing & Shanghai.


As the capital of China, Beijing is a tapestry that reflects the nation’s history, culture, and politics. It’s a calm and confident city. Dotted all around the city are cultural relics and ancient sites—it’s a historian’s dream. Beijing has its modern side too, with a burgeoning nightlife scene and plenty of culture.

Travel map of Beijing Districts

Beijing Districts

Map of Prime Living Locations in Beijing

Prime Living Locations in Beijing

Map of Beijing Transportation

Beijing Transportation

map of Dongcheng


map of Xicheng


map of Chaoyang


map of Haidian


map of Shunyi



Shanghai is the rebellious younger sibling, with a relentless drive for progress that typifies China’s forward motion on the world stage. New restaurants and bars are constantly opening. The large expat population gives the downtown districts an international feel, and the shopping malls, designer boutiques, and coffee chains testify to the city’s ever-increasing Westernization.

map of The Bund and East Nanjing

The Bund and East Nanjing

map of People's Square

People’s Square

map of Jingan


map of Old French Concession

Old French Concession

map of Old City Pudong

Old City Pudong

map of Greater Shanghai

Greater Shanghai

map of Excursions from Shanghai

Excursions from Shanghai

map of Hangzhou


map of Zhujiajiao


map of Suzhou


map of Tongli


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