O‘ahu Travel Maps

These free, printable travel maps of O‘ahu are divided into four regions:

Explore O‘ahu with these helpful travel maps from Moon O‘ahu.

O‘ahu travel maps by region.

Travel Maps of O‘ahu

Map of O‘ahu, Hawaii


Map of O‘ahu Land Ownership

O‘ahu Land Ownership

Map of O‘ahu Snorkeling

O‘ahu Snorkeling

Map of O‘ahu Golf Courses

O‘ahu Golf Courses

Map of O‘ahu Campgrounds

O‘ahu Campgrounds


Best known for its historic district and Chinatown, Honolulu stretches from Honolulu International Airport to the ridges and valleys of the Ko‘olau Mountains.

Map of Greater Honolulu, Hawaii

Greater Honolulu

Map of Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii

Downtown Honolulu

Map of Honolulu's Chinatown

Honolulu Chinatown

Map of Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu International Airport


The quintessential O‘ahu destination, Waikiki has beaches with gentle surf and warm water, great weather year-round, ocean activities, shopping, and dining, and is home to the majority of the hotels on the island.

Map of Waikiki (Southeast)

Waikiki (Southeast)

Map of Waikiki (Northwest) Hawaii

Waikiki (Northwest)

Central, Leeward, and Windward O‘ahu

A drive up the windward coast is a trip back in time, with weathered wooden fruit stands offering family farm goods. It’s a leisurely drive that should be enjoyed at every turn in the road. Constantly battered by wind and chop, the southeast corner of O‘ahu is one of the drier locales of the island. The coastline is dramatic; the island seems to fall into the ocean here. On the leeward side, the most heavily visited sight on O‘ahu is Pearl Harbor. A placid, deep-water harbor, it still evokes a military presence and sense of reverence for the people who lost their lives there.

Map of Central and Suburban O‘ahu, Hawaii

Central and Suburban O‘ahu

Map of the Leeward Coast of O‘ahu

Leeward Coast of O‘ahu

Map of Windward O‘ahu, Hawaii

Windward O‘ahu

Map of Kailua, Hawaii


Map of Kaneohe, Hawaii


Map of Southeast O‘ahu, Hawaii

Southeast O‘ahu

North Shore

O‘ahu’s rural North Shore is all about beautiful beaches, diving, surfing, and snorkeling. The coastline is natural and unspoiled, and the beaches are the hallmark of tropical bliss.

Map of North-Shore, O'ahu Hawaii

North Shore

Map of Haleiwa, Hawaii


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