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These free, printable travel maps of Tennessee are divided into nine regions:

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Travel maps of Tennessee

Color map of Tennessee (West)

Tennessee (West)

Color map of Tennessee (East)

Tennessee (East)


Memphis may owe its physical existence to the mighty Mississippi, but it is music that gives this city its soul. The blues were born in Memphis, and they still call Memphis home in nightclubs on Beale Street and juke joints around the city.

Map of Memphis, TN


Map of Downtown Memphis, TN

Downtown Memphis

Map of Midtown Memphis, TN

Midtown Memphis


Map of Nashville, TN


Map of Downtown Nashville, TN

Downtown Nashville

Map of Midtown Nashville & West End, TN

Midtown Nashville

Map of South Nashville, TN

South Nashville

Map of Music Valley, TN

Music Valley

Map of Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

Downtown Nashville

Map of Midtown Nashville, Tennessee

Midtown Nashville

Map of East Nashville, Tennessee

East Nashville

Map of Music Valley in Nashville, Tennessee

Music Valley

Map of South Nashville, Tennessee

South Nashville

Map of Greater Nashville, Tennessee area

Greater Nashville Area

Map of Excursions from Nashville, Tennessee

Excursions from Nashville

Western Plains

Look for bald eagles and wild turkeys amid the knob-kneed cypress trees at Reelfoot Lake. Hike and camp along the shores of Kentucky Lake at the Land Between the Lakes.

Map of Western Plains, TN

Western Plains

Map of Reel Foot Lake, TN

Reel Foot Lake

Map of Jackson, TN


Map of Kentucky Lakes, TN

Kentucky Lakes

Middle Tennessee

Tennessee’s midsection is a road trip waiting to happen. The landscape is rural and pure relaxation. This is Walking Horse Country, where picturesque horse farms dot the landscape and Tennessee sipping whiskey is made. In Amish country black buggies and old-fashioned homesteads litter the back roads. The Natchez Trace is a scenic highway that marks one of the oldest overland routes between New Orleans and Nashville.

Map of Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee

Map of Clarksville, TN


Map of Franklin, TN


Cumberland Plateau

The Cumberland Plateau is a breathtaking landscape of caves, waterfalls, gorges, and mountains. It is home to some of the state’s best parks: the Big South Fork and Pickett State Park in the north, Fall Creek Falls State Park in the center, and Savage Gulf in the south.

Map of Cumberland Plateau, TN

Cumberland Plateau

Chattanooga and the Overhill Country

Nestled in a bend of the Tennessee River and surrounded by the Cumberland Plateau and foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is not called the Scenic City for nothing. It is a great place to bring the kids thanks to its excellent aquarium, children’s museum, parks, zoo, caves, and other family-friendly attractions.

Map of Chattanooga Overhill, TN

Chattanooga Overhill

Map of Downtown Chattanooga, TN

Downtown Chattanooga

Map of Lookout Mountain, TN

Lookout Mountain

Map of Along the Ocoee, TN

Along the Ocoee


Like the better-known Memphis and Nashville, Knoxville is emerging as a center for live music and the arts. Galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and theaters on Gay Street, Market Square, and the Old City are funky, unpretentious, and fun.

Map of Knoxville


Map of Downtown Knoxville, TN

Downtown Knoxville

Map of Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge

Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee’s most picturesque wilderness is the Great Smoky Mountains. It is the vistas that first draw you in: the soft-edged peaks, enveloped by wispy white “smoke,” touched by brilliant red and orange at sunset, and crowned by crisp white snow in winter.

Map of Great Smoky Mountains, TN

Great Smoky Mountains

The First Frontier

It was to the eastern mountains of northeast Tennessee that early settlers moved in the 1770s. More than 150 years later the descendants of these mountain folks brought forth modern country music during the Bristol Sessions. This region of Tennessee is more closely linked to Appalachia than any other; this is a landscape of hills and hollers, small towns, and traditional ways.

Map of The First Frontier, TN

The First Frontier

Map of The Tri-Cities, TN

The Tri-Cities

Map of Northern Cherokee National Forest, TN

Northern Cherokee National Forest

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