Travel maps of Asia and the Pacific including Australia, Cambodia, China, and Thailand.

Asia and the Pacific Maps

These free, printable travel maps of Asia and the Pacific are divided into six countries:

Explore Asia and the Pacific with these helpful travel maps from the latest editions of Moon Sydney & the Great Barrier Reef, Moon Angkor Wat, Moon Beijing & Shanghai, Moon Thailand, and Moon Vietnam.

Australia Maps

Australia travel maps by region

Australia travel maps by region.

Cambodia Maps

True marvels to behold, the temple ruins of Angkor—stone remnants of the Khmer Empire, which ruled much of Southeast Asia almost 1,000 years ago—have put Cambodia on the map. Kampuchea, as the Khmer call their homeland, has a timeless, mysterious, and somewhat anarchic quality, quite unlike any land you have visited before.

Add to the monuments the bustling markets, the quiet streets, and the funky art galleries of Battambang; the remote forest temples away from the main highways; and the lively bars in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia travel maps by region

Cambodia travel maps by region.

China Maps

China travel maps by region

China travel maps by region.

Regions covered:

New Zealand Maps

Ask people what they picture when they think of New Zealand and you’ll be surprised by the range of answers: from rugged, snowcapped mountains to rolling green fields full of sheep; from tattooed Maori warriors to Peter Jackson; from a British colony to a South Pacific paradise. New Zealand is a land of contrasts, and a country with a very enviable lifestyle.

New Zealand travel maps by region

New Zealand travel maps by region.

Regions covered:

Thailand Maps

Thailand travel maps by region

Thailand travel maps by region.

Vietnam Maps

Vietnam is a thriving country where the old sits contentedly alongside the new, a place to explore nature as well as culture, to shop, eat and play, to relax and enjoy. In the cities, life is fast-paced, bustling. The countryside is as vibrant, but takes life at a slower pace.

Vietnam travel maps by region

Vietnam travel maps by region.

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